“Hands up!” shouted the police officer. Jack stood frozen from head to toe. The scene of the policemen surrounding him, a couple of reporters with the flash of cameras, sound of sirens and the effect of smoke brought shiver down his spine. The only thought he had was, “how did I end up here?”. Before he could witness any further events, a hand pulled Jack away through the smoke, away from the scene. Poor Jack could do nothing, except to be lead by this mysterious , masked man, dressed in a black suit. While the smoke covered the man’s face , Jack could not make heads or tails of the chain of events unfolding in his life. He recalled about the time he had wished to become a detective , who solved and unlocked mysteries of events. He thought to himself, that this was nowhere close to what he had pictured in his fantasy world. After reaching the nearest bus stop , a bus pulled up in front of them, with dust flying away, as it stopped. The mysterious man pulled him into the large bus, which was empty, with frosted glass windows, running at high speed, all which made his heart pound by every second. The man called Jack to take a seat, but he just couldn’t process the turn of events . When he turned to the driver’s seat , he felt his stomach twisted , his mouth dried, and felt the ground beneath him slide; the bus was moving at a high speed but with no driver. Jack fell on his knees, his eyes felt blurry , with the bus seat numbers swapped with chemical reaction formulae. He looked up and saw fumes coming out , with conical flasks rolling on the ground. The mysterious man cried out “ it’s 5:00 am”, and he took off the mask. Why did he look a little familiar? “wake up”, the man screamed! “Dad?” Jack shrieked. A little later the fumes settled down, and Jack opened his eyes, while his father brought coffee, who woke him up to revise for his chemistry exam. Phew! now that was a ride!



    As the title says “Chased by a dream” the story really did chase us to read till the end as it was quite engaging in order to know what actually happens next…Especially the bus driver scene.
    Overall, The story narration and the ending was brilliant.