100 rupees, that is all I had in my pockets and trust me, this is nothing if you wish to go to any café, am not even talking about a fancy one but the basic.

You know what life takes a turn when you least expect it to and the same happened with me. I love dancing but my parents think joining a dance class when I can learn freely from YouTube is a waste of money. Hence, I finally decided to look for some internships during my post Boards vacation to earn and spend on things I love.

Talking about the turning point in my life, I met an old lady smoking at a tea stall. This is uncommon in a country like India and for me, very uncommon. In my house, we don’t even talk about alcohol or smoking. I was coming back from my friend’s house after playing on PS and saw her.

She was wearing a white saree and blue blouse, I could remember my granny who used to stay with us, we had a not so good bonding, she hated my younger sibling as she was a girl and how could my parents give her birth, they should have aborted her and so on. She never had any issues with me but I would choose my sis over her, OF COURSE. She passed away a year back and she looked similar to what I was seeing at a tea stall except for the smoking part.

I went to her and not making her feel uncomfortable, I asked bhaiya for a cup of tea, I am not a chai person but today, just out of curiosity to know more about that lady, I took one. I had so many questions to ask or maybe just talk to her but I got numb, I was blank when I went near her. She was almost done and was about to leave after paying the shopkeeper and she just left. I stood there with a blank face, I gave tea to the beggar sitting on the opposite side of the stall and was about to follow her but to my surprise, she disappeared.


  1. Aparna Srivastava

    This tale beautifully illustrates how unforeseen interactions may result in unforgettable adventures. It is admirable and understandable that the main character wants to follow his passion for dancing despite his financial limitations. The reader is left wondering who the elderly woman smoking in the tea shop is, which lends a sense of mystery and intrigue to the narrative. A powerful stating to grab chances and not let fear hold us back is provided by the protagonist’s hesitancy to approach her and later regret at not having done so. Overall, this story is a masterfully written narrative that leaves the reader with strong feelings.
    Well done👍