Love, I knew what love is, but I did not know the true meaning of love. Once upon a time I talked to a girl online. We didn’t know each other but still used to talk, while talking everyday everyone came to know about each other. But I don’t know when I got used to him while talking, I used to wait for hours for his message and as soon as his message came, a lovely smile used to come on my face.

I didn’t know why this was happening but I felt good talking to him, I had not fallen in love with him, yes love and that too true love. But I was not able to say this to him, I had a strange fear in my mind that he might not stop talking to me. So I let everything go on as it was. One day his message came, I don’t know what was there that day but there was something strange in my mind, now I didn’t know whether it was good or bad. I replied to her message, she was very scared, she said I want to tell you something, I was scared.

He said that I have not fallen in love with you, I could not digest this but it was true. I immediately expressed my love to him. That day was the best day for me. Of course, our relationship was long distance but I loved him very much. We used to talk sweetly everyday. Everything used to go well, only one thing of hers bothered me, she used to reply to messages after a long time. But I didn’t say anything about this.

But this thing was becoming too much for him. I used to message her, she used to reply after 2-4 days. I used to feel bad that she used to give more priority to studies, but as if she was forgetting me.

But my love for him never decreased. He stopped talking to me, his message used to come after 2-2 months but I don’t know because my anger used to turn into love when his message came. I talked to him about this and we also had a fight. I told him that I love you very much, I will wait for you forever. I said, you have to pay attention to your career, neither do you come with me.

But as if he had forgotten the dead, he had stopped talking. As if it was never there in his life. It’s been 1 year since we talked, I am still waiting for his message. He had taught me how to love, but he also taught me why not to love.


  1. Devika

    The title ‘ My Love story’ drawn my attention like it was something related to me . The concept of the story is relatable to most of us these days , I liked the theme of the story but here I want to give my true opinion that there are many mistakes in it , a reader always want the story to be loud and clear but here I was not able to properly understand that who here was the speaker . I would really appreciate if it was more clear . But I really appreciate the effort that you have shown some creativity .