Love, they say is the sweetest thing that can ever happen to someone. But in this cold world, where emotions have turned raw, ugly and brutal; expecting the other person to devotedly be yours for a time span of forever is merely a way to make one feel tormented. Relationships before marriages, love before getting arranged, for most of the cases, are just illusive dreams- dreams of completeness which still remains a luxurious idea for couples who have no belief in the practicality of life. 
Thinking about love, at a mature stage, everyone wants someone who would remain; sustain for them, with them for as long as they can. It is absolutely a true fact that love cannot be forced, but then who said it cannot be tried for. Love being arranged is not a tested accomplishment for everyone around, but it surely is bliss if someone gives in their efforts genuinely. 
Yes! Love can be arranged. It shouldn’t be looked upon in a disdain vision. Preposterous it is for a person to make a decision about life without even touching the practical aspects of life. 



Mishika , come out", Rahul was shouting at the top of his voice.

Mishika ran up to the balcony and saw his black car park outside.
'He has never done this before ', Mishika thought. 

"Yaar I'm calling you for so long. Yaar kitna wait karwati ho", he made a fake angry face.
She stood all confused and gave him a complementary look.
"Ohhoo.. will you keep on staring me like this or will say something more? Get ready we have to leave in ten minutes.", he pleaded softly.

"But, rahul where are we going?"
"Are, get ready. And please don't wear suit or saree go for jeans or one – piece or whatever you feel like"
"Rahul? "

Rahul kept his fingers on her lips and managed to tell her to go and change with the action of his eyes.

"You get ready tab tak main mummy -papa se tumhe le jaane ki permission leta hun"


Mishika was going insane, but she tried to look perfect. As perfect for him as a moon.
She applied a tint of dark kohl, a perfect eyeliner and pink lip gloss.
She untied her hair, and straightened them.
And wore a floral long skirt and a crop top and a net ankle length midi over it. She got heels and diamond studs.
She appeared to be a princess.

'*Is something special today? Am i forgetting something?  He asked me to wear these clothes. Seriously? What is the matter? Where are we going? *' her head was spinning a wheel.

"Ready Mishi?", rahul asked.

She descended the stairs and rahul was speechless.

Mishika broke the very comfortable silence, "but where are we going ?"
"A land of no one", he laughed hysterically.
"Okay", she was wondering if he was drunk or something.

"I'm not drunk miss mishika."
She stared in horror with the disbelief that she didn't say this loud enough to even let the nearby gush of air listen it.

He opened the door and made her sit inside.
As she sat she found a box kept on back seat.

They drove in silence for half an hour and they were out of the city.

Rahul and Mishika were engaged for 6 months and their wedding was planned for next year. Their parents arranged it once the proposal came.
They talked casually but they didn't get close.

"Do you like me even?" , Rahul asked Mishika in serious tone.
"What kind of question is this", she replied.

What she did made rahul love her more.

Instead of giving the answer to his question she held his hand and kept her head on his shoulder. He was overwhelmed with her gesture.
They drove for another 15 minutes and he stopped the car.
She looked around it was a dead end road and she couldn't see anything. He got out and opened the gate of car for her. She came out and he held her hand. They walked in unison and sat at the edge of hill. They both looked in each others eyes. They were filled with love and serenity.

"Tring tring", Rahul's phone buzzed.
"Haan bol"

And he disconnected. Mishika was mesmerized but still not getting.

And then he closed her eyes and whispered in her ear, "I LOVE YOU".

When she opened her eyes, all she could see was fireworks. Her favourite kind of fireworks. The smile on her face broadened and she smiled back at him and with tears in her eyes she said an ♡I LOVE YOU TOO ♡. 

He asked her to wait there and he would be coming in seconds.
It was ten minutes and he didn't come back. She got tensed but then she heard the foot steps. He came back with that box, a cloth and pepsi.

She helped with the cloth and they both sat in silence. He took out the candle from his pocket and lit it.
Then he opened up the box. It had a chocolate cake. He opened the bottle cap and poured the cold drink in their glasses…

*She had seen this cake earlier. But where?*

"What is special today?  It isn't mine or your birthday. It isn't our anniversary. What is today?" She asked curiously. 

"Okay. So you'll not spare me with this question. It is our anniversary today. Third year anniversary." He smiled.

"Please na rahul tell me."

"I'm serious."

"Okay rahul enough of mocking. I want to know right away"

"I promised i won't lie to you"


"Okay. Three years ago on this day i saw you first. You were in blue shirt and denim jeans. You gave every child a treat. I heard you saying,         " yaar mere pass bht kuch hai, unke paas nhi.I can afford and I'll make them eat whatever they want"
I fell in love with you that day. I stalked you, I find your number but didn't dare to call. I was three years elder and that is why I wanted to become something for you. I just kept on staring at your profile pictures. I couldn't gather the courage to send you a request but saw all the public posts.
This was the same cake you posted with the caption, "somebody get me this. It is yummmmy."

I wanted to hear that yummy from you. You posted the pictures of random fireworks with the caption, "dream date".

I wanted to fulfil all our dreams together.

He stood up and brought one orange rose, "Will you be my partner in crime Mishika?"
"Yes. Forever and ever"

They kissed under the moon and sparkling fireworks.

It was their arranged-cum-love marriage.