Business Thieves is a suspense thriller. A Police team receives a challenging case in which they have to search for an unknown culprit. Their search and findings are the content of Business Thieves.


Chapter XXIX: The Lost happiness

Date: 14th June 2012

Place: Adyar


The Next day, Pugazhendhi went to Adyar police station by morning 10 O clock.


All the officers saluted him.

All the officers came and spoke to him about the previous day’s operation.


There were too many questions and he was answering them.

By 11 O clock, he relaxed after the discussions.


At that time, Prabhu called him through the phone.

Pugazhendhi answered the call,”Hello Prabhu”


Prabhu said,”Hello Pugazh, how are you?”

Pugazhendhi said,”I am not fine”


Prabhu asked,”Why?”

Pugazhendhi,”Our Senior Officer Mr.Solomon is dead”


Prabhu exclaimed,”Oh God!”

Pugazhendhi said,”The robot is also destroyed”


Prabhu said,”Oh, I see”

Pugazhendhi said,”Ok man, I have a lot of work to do, Bye”


Prabhu said,”Ok, bye”

The call got disconnected.


Pugazhendhi got another call within the next two minutes.

Pugazhendhi answered the call,”Hello”


The other end said,”Hello Pugazh, this is Muthu here”

Pugazhendhi said,”Yes sir, How are you?”


Muthu said,”Not fine”

Pugazhendhi said,”I understand”


Muthu said,”Evening we have a meeting at 4 O clock, please be there”

Pugazhendhi said,”Yes sir, I will”


Muthu said,”Gather vital points to speak”

Pugazhendhi said,”Ok sir”


Muthu said,”We will see in the meeting, Bye”

Pugazhendhi said,”Bye”



Chapter XXX: Analytical Views

Date 14th June 2012

Place: The Commissioner Office, Chennai


At 4 O clock in the evening, the meeting was about to begin.


Pugazhendhi, Muthu, Raja, and Dhanasekaran were present for the meeting.

Kannan and his subordinates entered the meeting hall.


After few minutes, Kannan started to speak,”Good evening gentlemen”

Everybody said,”Good evening sir”


Kannan said,”we are in our bad times now”

Kannan added,”We lost our Solomon last night”


Everybody kept silent.

Kannan said,”Still, we have not arrested Sirish Kumar”

Raja said,”He got eloped from that place before we reached sir”


Kannan asked,”That is what I am wondering how?”

Pugazhendhi said,” he could have got an instinct”


Muthu said,”Or else he could not have been there when we attacked”

Raja said,”yes, there is a chance”


Kannan said,”mmm…valid point if he was not there during the attack, how can we see him there?”

Dhanasekaran said,”we should have operated in a patient manner”


Kannan asked,”where did we have time to operate like that?”

Dhanasekaran kept silent.


Kannan said,”Now our motto is to arrest Sirish Kumar”

Raja said,”yes sir?”


Kannan said,”I want Raja to share some information about the case now”

Raja said,” Gentlemen, we have kept Sujatha under house arrest”


Raja added,”She is the aunt of Sirish Kumar”

Raja continued,”This Sirish Kumar is an employee of Farooq. Farooq is a businessman”


Raja added,”Sirish was working for Farooq for the past five years”

Raja continued,”Sirish seem to be an MBA graduate”


Raja added,”Sirish’s parents have got expired. He got grown up by his aunt Sujatha”

Kannan intervened,”Now, the question is how could Sirish own such a big bungalow?”


Raja said,”The only answer is that it could be a gift from Farooq”

Kannan asked,”After Farooq’s death, how did Sirish operate?”


Raja said,”He cannot be operating alone, some friends are helping him”

Kannan said,”Now our job is to find them”


Pugazhendhi said,”sir, we can enquire about the document details of the bungalow”

Kannan said,”You mean ownership of the bungalow?”


Pugazhendhi said,”yes sir”

Kannan said,”Good idea”


Kannan added,”We will have a tea break now”

The Officers went for a tea break.
(To be continued)