Business Thieves is a suspense thriller. A Police team receives a challenging case in which they have to search for an unknown culprit. Their search and findings are the content of Business Thieves.


Chapter XXXV: A Tea Shop inquiry

Date: 15th June 2012

Place: Ramapuram


After, speaking to Pugazhendhi, Inspector Raja disconnected the phone call.

Raja went to the Bungalow of Sirish Kumar in Stephen colony.


The bungalow got sealed and police officers were there for security.

Raja made a small walk on the road next to the bungalow.


After a hundred meter, he found a small tea shop.

Raja stopped there.


A man of around 40 years old was vending tea and coffee in that shop.

He was maintaining the shop on his own.


Raja asked the man,”What is your name?”

The man answered,”Gurusamy sir”


Raja asked,”How long you are here in this area?”

Gurusamy answered,” 5 years”


Raja asked,”Do you remember the police operation here the day before yesterday?”

Gurusamy said,”Yes sir, I know”


Raja asked,” I am one of the officers involved”

Gurusamy said,”Oh I see”


Raja said,”I need to know a detail”

Gurusamy said,” Ask me, sir, If I know, I will tell you, sir”


Raja asked,” Have you ever seen that guy in the bungalow?”

Gurusamy said,”Yes sir”


Raja said,” The guy’s name is Sirish Kumar”

Gurusamy said,”Yes ”


Raja asked,”was there any doubtful activities which you noted in that bungalow?”

Gurusamy said,”yes sir, the bungalow will be silent all the time”


Gurusamy added,” The guy had a BMW car”

Raja said,”Oh I see, …mmm Next?”


Gurusamy said,”We can see him rarely on the road”

Raja said,”oh..ok”

Gurusamy said,”He will go early in the morning and come late in the night”

Raja said,”Oh, do you know, who is the owner of the bungalow?”


Gurusamy said,” I don’t know sir, but in the next street there is a real estate agent”

Raja said,”Is he connected to this bungalow?”


Gurusamy said,” He may know about the owner ”

Raja said,”Ok, thank you for the information”


Gurusamy said,” is this a murder case?”

Raja said,”Yes, murder and creation of damages to property”


Gurusamy said,”Ok sir”

Raja came back near to the bungalow and took his bike.


He drove his bike towards the next street.



Chapter XXXVI: A Helpless Situation

Date: 15th June 2012

Place: Ramapuram


Raja found a shop in the next street, which had a board by name,” Chetan Real Estate”

Raja stopped his bike before the shop.


Raja entered the shop.

A man of around 45 years old was sitting inside the shop.


Raja asked,” are you the owner of this shop?”

The man answered,”Yes sir”


Raja said,”what is your name?”

The man said,” My name is Viswa”


Raja asked,”Viswa, do you know about the police operation two days before?”

Viswa said,”Yes sir, in the next street”


Raja asked,”Do you know that bungalow?”

Viswa said,”Yes sir, I only closed the sale for that before 10 years”


Raja asked,”To whom did you sell?”

Viswa said,”To Farooq sir”


Raja asked,”what name did you tell?”

Viswa said,”Farooq sir, he is a big businessman”


Raja asked,”Oh, then who was staying in that bungalow?”

Viswa said,”Farooq and his close colleague Sirish kumar”


Raja asked,” Were you in touch with them in the recent days?”

Viswa said,”No sir, my job is only real estate broking”

Raja asked,”Ok give me your visiting card”

Viswa took his visiting card and gave it to Raja.


Raja saw the visiting card for a second.

He kept the visiting card in his pocket.


Raja said,”Ok, If I call you, you should be able to come to station whenever required”

Viswa asked,”Ok sir”


Raja came out of the shop and took his bike to drive.

He started the bike and drove it.


He came out of Ramapuram and headed towards Guindy.

He took a short cut to reach it.


That road got deserted and he was alone.

At that time, a BMW car was moving on the road in a very fast manner.

It came from his backside.

The car hit Inspector Raja’s bike in the backside.


Raja got thrown from the bike.

He fell on a nearby roadside platform.


His Head collided with the cement top of the platform.

The car did not stop even a second.


It flew away from the area within a matter of seconds.

Raja’s body underwent a Heavy blood loss.


He struggled with his life for 2 to 3 minutes.

At last, the life of Raja separated from his body.

20170125_155853 (1)

The situation was not supportive of saving him as there were no passersby for those 5 minutes.

After some time, people got attention towards the police body lying over there.


The Place got crowded.

A volunteer from the crowd called for an ambulance and informed the local police station.
(To be continued)