Business Thieves is a suspense thriller. A Police team receives a challenging case in which they have to search for an unknown culprit. Their search and findings are the content of Business Thieves.


Chapter XXXIII: The Following Evil

Date: 14th June 2012

Place: Adyar


The Black suit guy ran fast towards the rear side compound wall.

Pugazhendhi and Prabhu followed him as fast as they could.


The guy pulled out a string from his suit, which extended like a rope.

He threw it over the top of the compound wall which was about 3m height.


The string got hinged on an iron clamp which was available on the top of the compound wall.

The guy got a tight hold of it and climbed the wall using the string.


Prabhu and Pugazhendhi did not expect that he could move like that.

The guy was very fast in his movements.


It seemed that he was well trained.

Prabhu looked over here and there.


He found an iron rod lying on the ground.

He took it and threw on the guy.


The Iron rod hit the guy on his head.

The guy had almost reached the top of the compound wall.


His head got bleeding out of injury.

He inserted his right hand inside his suit.


He took out a small iron metal piece which had sharp edges.

It looked like a flying saucer with a hole in the middle.


He threw it towards Prabhu.

The metal piece scratched Prabhu’s left arm in his bicep muscle.


Prabhu shouted,”Aah!” in pain.

The Guy jumped outside and ran way.


Pugazhendhi and Prabhu were standing inside the compound.

Pugazhendhi said,”You should be patient man”


Prabhu said,”He has escaped “

Pugazhendhi said,”What if, that metal saucer had cut your throat?”


Prabhu said,”Death would have happened”

Pugazhendhi said,”Then I am answerable to people”


Prabhu said,”He tried to kill us right?”

Pugazhendhi said,”Yes, but we should be cautious while reacting to situations”

Prabhu,”If we were careless, both of us would have been dead by now”

Pugazhendhi said,”Control your anger man, we have lost two police officers in one week”


Prabhu kept silent.

Both of them walked away from that place in a slow manner.


They went to a nearest Hospital for first aid.

There Prabhu got first aid for his injuries.


After that, Pugazhendhi and Prabhu took the bike and went to Saidapet.

From there, Prabhu took his bike and went home.


Prabhu had anger towards the evil which got following them.

Due to that, he rode his bike in the top speed.


The pressure in his brain got transferred to the accelerator of the bike.

20170123_201644 (1)

Inspector Raja took the responsibility of tracing the ownership of Sirish’s property.

It was 11 O Clock in the morning and Raja was riding his bike in Ramapuram.


He was going towards the 3rd street of Stephen Colony in Ramapuram.

At that time, Raja got a phone call.


Raja answered the phone call,”Hello Pugazhendhi”

The Other end said,”Sir, This is Pugazhendhi”


Raja said,”Yes I know, Good Morning”

Pugazhendhi said,”Good morning sir”


Raja asked,”have you got any important news for me?”

Pugazhendhi said,”mmmm…yes sir, I need to share an information”


Raja asked,”Please tell me”

Pugazhendhi said,”Last night I got attacked”


Raja astonished,”Oh! My God!, How?”

Pugazhendhi said,”I and my friend Prabhu were having dinner at Hotel Sangeeth”


Raja said,”Is Prabhu, that detective for whom you got the warning?”

Pugazhendhi said,”Yes sir”


Raja asked,”Man, why are you hanging out with him”

Pugazhendhi said,”For dinner purpose”


Raja said,”We are in a serious murder case man”

Pugazhendhi said,”Sir, please listen to me”


Raja said,”Yes tell me”

Pugazhendhi said,”While returning from hotel, a stranger attacked us”

Raja asked,”A Stranger? , mmm.. did you see his face?”

Pugazhendhi said,”No sir, he had his face covered with handkerchief”


Raja said,”mmm..then how did he attack you”

Pugazhendhi said,”He pulled out a gun towards us”


Raja said,”A Gun!, mmm, what happened next?”

Pugazhendhi said,”We attacked him with a knife”


Raja said,”Mmm…next?”

Pugazhendhi said,”He ran way”


Raja said,”Did you try to catch him?”

Pugazhendhi said,”yes sir, but he escaped”


Raja said,”Then he had known that you were going to Adyar for dinner”

Pugazhendhi said,”Yes, might be he could have followed us from saidapet even”


Raja said,”it could be man, be careful”

Pugazhendhi said,”That is why I thought of informing you’


Raja said,”Thanks for the information man, I will also be careful”

Pugazhendhi said,”Sir, Ask other officers also to be careful while doing inquiry in this case”


Raja said,”Yes, I will”

Pugazhendhi said,”Ok Bye”


Raja said,”Ok Bye”
(To be continued)