Business Thieves is a suspense thriller. A Police team receives a challenging case in which they have to search for an unknown culprit. Their search and findings are the content of Business Thieves.


Chapter IX: The Strategy
Date: 31st May 2012

Place: Commissioner Office, Chennai

The Next day Pugazhendhi went to attend the meeting which was at the Commissioner Office.

The Other Inspectors who were present for the meeting were
1.    Inspector Muthu from Mylapore
2.    Inspector Raja from Ambattur
3.    Inspector Ramesh from Tambaram
4.    Inspector Dhanasekaran from Vadapalani and
5.    Inspector Solomon from Anna Nagar

Pugazhendhi was at the meeting hall at 10.30 a.m.

All the Other officers were also present there earlier.

They got introduced to each other and they discussed their experience about their cases.

Pugazhendhi also spoke with each of them.

At 11 O clock, Mr. Kannan entered the hall with some of his colleagues.

Kannan spoke, “Good Morning gentlemen”

Everybody said, “Good Morning sir”

Kannan took his seat in the conference hall.

Everybody sat in their respective chairs.

Kannan started to speak, “Dear Gentlemen, we know the purpose of the meeting today”

Everyone said, “Yes sir”

Kannan said,” So, this exploitation of food supply case is getting serious day by day. The culprit is attacking during the night time. The Total number of reported cases is 6 in the last one month. The first case has occurred in Adyar. The Total incurred financial losses are up to 40 lakhs.”

(Everybody was listening in silence)
Kannan added,” The challenges, in this case, are as follows
a.    The culprit enters and exits locked doors
b.    No footprints
c.    He shifts the area of attack
d.    No clue found apart from site evidence

Hence I have gathered you people here to work out a common strategy to catch the culprit.”

Everybody said in chorus, “Yes sir”

Kannan said,” We can see only Hotels of Middle class getting attacked”

Everybody said, “Yes sir”

Kannan said, “He is not attacking five-star hotels or low-class hotels”
Everybody said, “Yes sir”

Kannan said, “What could be the reason, can anyone judge it?”

Pugazhendhi said, “Sir, In case of Five Star Hotels, there will be security cameras”

Pugazhendhi added, “and in case of low-class hotels, supply of food items will be least”

Kannan said, “Brilliant you are”

Pugazhendhi said, “Thank you, sir”

Kannan said, “So, we can see that the culprit is attacking according to his comfort level”

Dhanasekaran said, “Then we need to make his comfort level to an uncomfortable level”

Kannan said, “Yes Of course”

Kannan said, “Gentlemen, I have a plan, but it needs a lot of effort to put in.”

Everybody said, “let us know sir”

Kannan said, “It is not possible without your co-operation”

Everybody said, “We will co-operate sir”

Kannan said,” I have planned to place cameras in the kitchen of middle-class hotels.

The cameras will be out of the knowledge of the hotel employees. We will take acknowledgment of the Owners only. We will watch the happenings in the camera from a secret hideout. This hideout will be at the midpoint of the city.”

Pugazhendhi said, “Yes sir if we spot him, we can immediately fly to that location and get the guy red handed”

Kannan said, “But, he has to attack”

Dhanasekaran said, “Yes, if he keeps silent, we can’t get him”

Kannan said,”Ok, anyways we have to put our effort to curb him out”

Everybody said,”Ok sir, let us execute it”

Kannan said, “So, people I will prepare everything within another 5 to 6 days”

Kannan added,” Minister has given me full powers in this case”

Everybody said,”Oh! Great sir”

Kannan added, “When remote control station is ready, you people will work from that point.”

Everybody said,”Ok sir”

Kannan said, “Tea and refreshments are there for you, people can have it and leave for the day”

Everybody said, “Thank you, sir”
Kannan said, “Thank you people”


(To Be Continued)