Nicholas Sparks, the American writer of bestselling books such as Message In a Bottle, The Notebook and A Walk To Remember, has come up with a new, exciting, romantic plot which will leave its readers crying as well as longing for more.

DEAR JOHN by Nicholas Sparks

Waiting for a book that is heartbreakingly romantic? A story that you can cherish forever? Well, according to me, Dear John is the best, suitable and a perfect option for you. A story full of love, bravery and sacrifices, it can have you ‘aww-ing’ at one point and then shedding tears at the next. 

Set during the Wars, a young soldier named John- an angry rebel, dropout who joined the army not knowing what else to do- meets a beautiful, young girl named Savannah- a simple, extremely caring girl, living in her own world- at the beach in his home grounds when the latter’s purse falls into the ocean and the former dives into the ocean to retrieve it. As all romantic stories go, John and Savannah talk to each other as well as sense the sparks between them. Their mutual attraction quickly grows into the kind of love which we youngsters all dream to have. By the time John has to go back to the the military camp, they both are unconditionally in love with each other and promises to stay together through all obstacles thrown in their way.  Savannah promises to wait for John to finish his tour of duty, and John wanting to settle down with the woman who has captured his heart. But they both are tested with the severity of maintaining a long distance relationship by only being able to write letters to each other. But even after successfully doing so for the first few years, the 9/11 changes everything, ruining everything they had fought to keep together, because John feels that it is his duty to re-enlist himself after which something occurs that changes their lives and love forever.  I think that adding this extra twist to the tale and sudden turn of events was necessary in order for the overall plot to be gripping as well.

This story, about maintaing relationships at distance as well as love and sacrifices, is heartwarming and becomes a bit sad and tear-some as well as we progress through the book. It is trademark Nicholas Sparks as the book is sad, sappy, redeeming yet filled with love and passion and also because the end of the book is not exactly what we think would happen. Nicholas Sparks writes smoothly with easy language putting together the characters well without making them much complex allowing readers of all age group to read and understand it. He does not delve into the war, writing about its causes and effects but instead shows how it affects the soldiers’ life and their people and relations. The book goes on with a perfect pace, not too slow and not too fast, allowing the readers to connect with it emotionally. The way the scenes are written and the way their romance is shown, in such a natural and pure way, that the readers can’t help but get a feeling of actually being present with them. Somehow or the other it has had a deep impact on me and I’ll always cherish reading it as it gave me a new dimension, a new outlook towards Love. It is a kind of book that leaves you valuing your loved one, the one who has had a deep impact on your life, the one who has brought colors to your life. It encourages those who are fighting distance with their loved one, to keep their faith alive and to ignite the flame of love and romance all through, wherever they may be.

Dear John is an easy read and is recommended for those who prefer reading sappy, romantic comedies, and at times tragedies. It is a perfect book for rainy or winter season, when you are feeling cold and are under a blanket with a steaming hot mug of coffee or hot chocolate and have nothing important to do (except maybe the  piles of homework kept at the desk!).  Nicholas Sparks has, yet again, proved that he will always remain a bestseller romance writer and that no one will be able to take his place.


  1. Gaurav Vyas

    Hey author! I checked out the review of your book “Dear John” on Storieo. Overall, it seems like the reviewer really enjoyed your story. They mentioned that it’s heartwarming, sad at times, and filled with love and passion. They appreciated how you portrayed the long-distance relationship and the sacrifices made by the characters. The pacing and writing style were also praised. However, the reviewer mentioned that the ending wasn’t what they expected, which added an interesting twist. They recommend it for fans of sappy romantic stories. Great job in creating a book that evokes emotions and leaves a deep impact on readers! Keep up the good work!