We all foster our minds with different thoughts as its ingredients. There are many kinds of minds, one which think a lot, one which do not think at all, one which thinks about how to persuade others to think more, one who persuades oneself to think more, and it goes on. Life has different turns launching for all of us. Amidst all this mayhem, some are lost, they lose themselves in this chaotic atmosphere, why? Because they never say, they never speak, they are afraid to! Now fear disrupts everything, it encompasses oneself with that unimaginable, unthinkable, inexplicable, physically non-existent pain which tears the soul apart, but how do you hold on during such fiascos? How do you move on? What do you think? The best possible way we all know of is ignorance, another best possible way could be pretense. But does it all sum up to the same amount of peace which you try to decipher out of your existence, or rather the existence of the world surrounding you?

Every mind is idiosyncratic, not just the scientific intellectuals, nor just the afterlife predictors, it is present everywhere. Cognition is an elementary phenomenon which is embedded in all minds in equal proportion, it’s just how we think which measures our cognizance. Life becomes very hard at times, most of it has to be blamed on us. We ourselves eradicate happiness from our lives. Why delve into situations which have no meaning no matter what! Why talk much when your speech is inaudible! Why design so much when you are invisible! It all is the game which the mind plays, we are just mere elements. The best possible way is to keep your heart aside, and let the mind work, when that happens, everything else automatically falls in place. Heart is something which needs to only function in order to keep you alive, that is the only work it should do. If you try to work through finagle it will help you achieve a lot more than what you actually could do in an easier path, a truthful path.

Truth is disregarded, it is manipulated, it is made to be the counterfactual of the reality, it is made to destroy you. What if there were no truth or false? What if there were no right or wrong, no mind to accept or disregard. No mind to judge. Only minds to work, and work in such a manner that it would hereby result in destitution not in monetary terms definitely, but in terms of what you feel, destitution of your soul, which is the most dangerous occurrence of all, and when that happens, again it all turns upside down nothing seems normal, or wrong , or right, or no “should’ve beens “, and no “could’ve beens”. It is always better to stay away from black water when you know you can’t swim at all be the water black or transparent or salty or whatever. The thoughts provoke you to work in some other manner in some other sense, but you have to hold it all back, why? Because you are in a world where nothing is real. Reality is deceiving. Reality doesn’t even exist maybe. But yes, insidious glib does! It is like you are walking in a brogue, which refuses to let your foot swing higher, so that you can walk freely, it holds you back, but you have to walk!!