(‘Sucker for pain’ plays in the background)

I tried to open my eyes which were still full of sleep. Unconsciously I started searching for the source of this noise and realized after a minute that it was my alarm. Still not able to see clearly I turned off my alarm and tossed the phone on my bed’s farther corner. After a minute I realized that I was getting late for my morning class. Suddenly I heard someone’s voice, “Hey sleepy head, wake up now! You’re already late for class!” I looked up and saw my roommate getting ready for college. But today I was in no mood for attending college. I had some other far more important plans. Finally, this was the day! After this long span of seven months, finally, am going to meet him today.

I still remember the way we met for the first time. It was a regular boring day in school. I was the newly elected vice captain of my house and was called upon by my house captains to start preparations for the upcoming inter-house skit competition. I was at the place where we were supposed to meet each other. There was no one in the class, I was early. After a few minutes the captains entered the class. They were followed by a handsome guy. I wondered how have I never ever noticed this guy before. I mean a person with this charming face cannot be missed by any girl who is in her right mind. I still remember that smiling face and his warm hello.

A crackling sound broke my train of thoughts. I looked up and noticed that my roommate has already left for college. I got up and lazily stood in front of the mirror, yawning and rubbing my eyes. As I looked into the mirror I realized that my face had an unnatural glow today. I was happy, excited and scared at the same time. I took a long shower. After all I wanted to look my best today. As I was tying up my hairs I suddenly remembered how he used to tell me that he loved it when I kept my hairs open. I shyly smiled at myself and opened my bun. After rejecting a couple of different dresses I finally decided to wear the dress which I wore on our first date. It’s been a long time since I last wore that dress.

Our first date was no less than a fairy tale story. And our first kiss was just perfect. It was better than the one I imagined. We were leaving the theater after watching a movie, it was almost dark outside. As we reached the parking area, he told me that he had a surprise for me. Excitedly I asked him about the surprise. “Hop on to know”, he said with a smirk on his face. I sat on his bike and he took me to a place on the outskirts of the city. It was dark. He held my hand and guided me through the way. As we were about to reach the spot he asked me to close my eyes. I followed his instructions. After a while, standing behind me, he asked me to open my eyes. As I opened my eyes I was mesmerized by the view. We were standing on a platform near by a lake. It was a full moon day and the moons reflection on the gentle waves of the lake made the place magical. It looked as though the starry sky was smiling. Amazed by the view I turned and hugged him tightly. After which he placed his phone on one corner of the platform and started his playlist of romantic songs which he created especially for me. He held my waist and pulled me close as I gently placed my hands on his shoulder and we started to dance on the slow rhythm of the song. We were closer than we have ever been before. We could hear each other’s fast heartbeat. I don’t know who leaned in first but we just got pulled towards each other like magnets and before we knew anything our lips met and we kissed.

I was again brought back into reality by my phone’s loud ringtone. It was him. My heat was racing. Nervously I answered his call. I wasn’t sure about what to say so I decided to remain silent. He finally broke the silence with his enthusiastic ‘hello’. In an effort to not sound too desperate I replied with a plain ‘hey’. There were a thousand things going on in my mind at that moment. But the major one was how much I missed his voice. We then decided the time and place where we were meeting. As I prepared to leave the hostel, I once again looked at myself in the mirror. No mistakes are to be made today, I instructed myself.

After an hour’s ride in the bus, I reached the decided place. He was late as usual. I walked up to the park by myself and was sitting on a bench. I was super nervous after all I was meeting him after a really long time. After waiting for half an hour, he finally arrived. He was wearing a black shirt with blue jeans and formal shoes. Black always suited him best. As I saw him walking towards me, my cheeks automatically turned red and my face reflected the widest curve ever. I somehow managed to hide that wide smile and just waved at him and his new girlfriend (also my best friend). And although I still loved him more than anything in my life I pretended to move on just for the sake of his happiness. Love is a strange emotion which makes you do stuff that you can’t ever imagine doing for anyone. And just like our relationship, our break up was also a big secret that nobody knows about. Not even my best friend.