You never know when the love bug might get to you. 

A sparkling greenish blue. Just like the ocean.

That was the only thing that my mind registered.

Have you ever wondered how it would be like to actually feel those things that the romance novelists write about? I had always hoped for those special moments to happen to me -the fluttering of the heart or staring off into space for hours, daydreaming, or maybe blushing at the mere mention of the special person's name.

As I sat there, seemingly lost in the eyes of the stranger before me, I swear, my heart picked up its pace. I'm pretty sure I looked like an utter creep, but I couldn't help it. After about two minutes of staring, my brain finally decided to start functioning again which brought me to the conclusion that now would be a good time to look away as I had already embarrassed myself enough. But things never happen the way I want them to because just when I was ready to turn away, something happened.

The boy smiled. At me.

And it was beautiful, his smile. My heart just about stopped beating When he smiled, his eyes lit up. That was something which I never wanted to look away from.

His face held an amused expression which I realised then, was a result of me staring at him like an idiot. I snapped my head down. If I looked into the mirror right now I would probably be resembling a tomato.

My heart kicked into overdrive and I quickly started gathering my things, getting ready to flee. I wanted to look at the boy but I was terrified of what I would see. I'm absolutely positive that he was laughing at me.

I risked a glance at him. He was still looking at me, smile in place and it seemed like he was going to say something to me. But before he could open his mouth I jumped up from my chair grabbed my bag and almost flew out of the cafe. I was so certain that the boy would follow me out that I broke into a sprint and never once looked back. I ran all the way to my apartment which was a good ten minutes away.

By the time I got home, I was huffing, puffing and all red in the face because let's face it, I'm not fit, at all. Rather I was just the opposite, the laziest person on earth. I burst in through the door, ran up to my room, flung my bag at a random corner and landed face first onto my bed.

I couldn't believe it. For the first time in my life a boy had looked at me, a good looking boy might I add, for more than 10 seconds. But what had I done? Instead of behaving normally, I had gone ahead and made a complete fool of myself. I wanted to repeatedly bang my head against a wall until it would fall off. I groaned and rolled over to my side. Why could I never behave like a sane person? God knows what blue-eyed boy was thinking. He sure had a good laugh today.

I had to tell Lillian. I needed to calm down. I took out my cellphone from my pocket and dialled her number. But then decided against it and pressed the end call button. Telling her over the phone wouldn't work. I would tell her tomorrow, face-to-face, when we meet at the University.

My phone made a pinging noise. It was a reminder I had set about an essay that needed to be submitted tomorrow. The side effect of being an English Literature major was that I had to write a lot of essays. This one was on Chaucer. Pushing any thought of the blue-eyed boy to the back of my mind I got ready to do my assignment. I spent most of my time after that to finish my assignment with an exception of a short dinner in the middle. But during that entire period, my mind kept drifting back to the blue-eyed boy and I wondered if I would ever see him again. I wish I knew what his name was.

Finally I fell asleep at my study table, exhausted, with my head on my arms and with the image of those beautiful blue eyes in my mind.