In the street in the city, there lived two boys Harsh and Anshuman the fathers of both were friends so these two boys were together like close friends from the moment they were born The two boys always played together and had a very great bonding as family background of both boys was a bit different. Harsh’s Father had a Job and Anshuman’s Father was a businessman and had a background of well respected family in the city so the Grandmother of Harsh did not like Anshuman when they both played in Harsh’s house the grandmother used to taunt Anshuman. But the friendship between those two remain the same they went to the same school but after a while, Anshuman had to move to a different city for some reasons but still he used to visit a lot to meet his best friend. After a while Harsh was diagnosed fo blood cancer and as they were both young they did not know that it’s a deadly disease. Harsh’s treatment was started and he used to come to his hometown and Anshuman used to visit him. Anshuman had a younger brother and Harsh was a single Child of their parents so during the treatment the doctor needed bone marrow and the doctor advised Harsh’s parents to have another so they can use his/her bone marrow to cure Harsh’s cancer. during all this time the two friends had not met in months and they both used to say to their father I want to meet Anshuman, I want to meet Harsh one night harsh was playing game on his psp in the hospital and said to his father that he is having a headache so he wants to sleep and thats when he slept to eterniy and Anshuman got the news that Harsh is no more he was numb, Harsh’s father told things to Anshuman that harsh used to say to him Harsh used to say that papa now I also have a brother I will tell anshuman this and e used to say to me that he wants to meet you wrote your name on paper and Anshuman still cry whenever he remebers his best friend.