It was a hot summer day. Angelina had just watched her and was getting ready to meet her friends her parents had given her a particular time at which she is supposed to return home.she doesn’t have a lot of clothes, makeup and accessories button extremely pleasant and decent fashion sense.she gets ready not to impress boys or girls but to have a sense of self satisfaction self satisfaction has always been her thing this story is about Angelina and her getting over things Angelina had three sisters and one dog in her house too these individuals was so much close to our heart that she would die for them but sometimes they can be really annoying too as siblings are those who we can hate and love at the same time.Angelina’s youngest sister Marie was in high school. she was attracted and distracted to many things, teenage drama for real.

 one day Angelina notice some papers falling from Marie’s backpack,. She didn’t pay too much attention to them as she was getting ready for college. Later Angelina found her sister Marie with old uncle at at a restaurant Angelina was shocked in curious she decided to spy them and found that she Is trapped in an economic gamble and accidentally put their house on risk and the fact that Marie’s unaware of this had made things worse.

 Angelina was very angry on Marie and scared that how her parents will react to this whole situation Angelina first decided to talk to Marie. Marie told Angelina that this old uncle promised her that if she temporarily work for him he will provide a huge amount of money and the work is carrying some illegal papers from one place to another and he intentionally made her phone by signing a paper that proved their houses property and owner and she was at the restaurant with him because she wants the answers for all her doubts as she was scared too.

 Angelina took those papers copy from Marie’s bag and went straight to her best friend’s house Vicky who was a gym freak. Vicky helped her in grabbing that old criminal and they all went to police the old guy accepted his fault and was punished behind the bars. Angelina ask Marie what was wrong with her that she needed so much of money Mary explain her side of story that she is emotionally unstable and needed money to rescue his childhood friend kraty as her parents died in pandemic and is now needed a shelter and is also working still she needs a lot of money to survive. Mary was just trying to help her by doing all that she can , Marie ask Angelina to not tell their parents about this but Angelina dead because she wants Mary to learn a lesson that though we want to do the right thing in life and wants to help our lovers and friends still we should not go on the wrong path do Angelina understood and forgive Mary as she knew the pressure of being a teen as well as a friend of a kind heart.

 I guess moral of the story is don’t get too lost in people that you lose yourself too.