Marriage is a dramatic change in every women’s life. After the three knot, they used to face as many things in her life. Here, there is a beautiful girl named Bavya. She was very soft hearted, innocent, careing and lovely girl. She is well educated and topper in studies. She loves to read alot. After completing her higher studies, she wants to go for a job. Her parents were completely orthodox. They wanted her to marry a well settled man. As per their wish, they found a man with good wealth. Later, with heavy hearted Bavya agrees to marry. After her marriage, her life moves smoothly. The couple’s were very happy. They both shared their love, care and affection. Few months passed away. There is a small dispute shows its head. She expresses her wish that she wants to go job. But he doesn’t want her to go job. Days passed, Bavya feels dejected and depressed. Her husband started to dominate her. He always complaints her and finds a mistake in each and every time.she adjusted him for a year. And one extent, she couldn’t bear his activity. She decided to stand on her own leg. She neglected his word, she came out from the home and went for a job. She succeed in her job. At the same time, she is missing her husband’s love. Meanwhile her husband feels lonely after she gone out. He understood his mistakes that he had done. Both of them one fine day they conforts their mistakes. Then they started again to care each other. They shared their love and affection. Marriage is a very beautiful bond. Each one should give respect and space to each other. Both should value each other dreams and aims.Then the life goes very soomth and beautiful. 

       ** THE END **