The sky,

astoundingly beautiful

the colors,

orange, yellow,

they pass before your eyes,

white, blue,

the birds flap their elegant wings,

the wind is blowing gently,

the sun shines brightly,

the sky is at peace.

As the world wakes up to another day,

the sky keeps still,

like the breath of death,

the clouds flow like a quiet spirit,

passing by it’s swirling existence,

like a whirlpool swallowing up, its enemy.

As night comes,

the sky transforms,

the colors,

orange-red, purple,

astounding to all those who watch,

with its amazing passing,

like a soul being sucked into the blackness of space,

like the little child being kidnapped,

like the silence that fills you up while you sleep.


another day comes,

the sky lights up,

the sun sheds its awesome power on the land,

for now,

the sky is breathtaking,


it is just another day,

in an eternity of years.