Sleeping at night,

Gives me extreme delight.

I know I will dream a fabulous dream,

I’m waiting to see the beautiful sight.

Rainbows, the blue sky,

Rabbits and butterflies.

The wind humming softly,

As it goes by

Ice creams and chocolates.

Swinging on the trees,

Waiting for you to grab them,

They look as pretty as colorful leaves.

Girls dressed up in velvet gowns,

Waiting to go to a dance.

Handsome young men hold out hands to them.

And begin to jump up and prance.

Delicious cookies and tea,

Laid out on a white-laced mat,

Ladies taking sips from their cups,

Looking beautiful, in their attractive dresses.

Blue rivers and streams,

Running and passing the buds,

All the buds are coiled together,

As if they are sleeping in soft rugs.

There are apples and grapes,

And other fruit too,

Nature has such wonderful gifts for us,

Great deeds for it, we hardly do.

Harmony on earth is being maintained everywhere,

Greenery is shining all round me,

Everyone can also sense confidently

An atmosphere with a sense of purity,

Everyone is as free as a bird in the sky,

No feeling of painful memories or any danger,

No feeling of kind of problems,

Neither minor, nor major.

No crime or robbery,

No traitors or people we do not trust,

No feelings of discrimination or caste difference,

Everyone is living peaceful, on the earth’s crust.

Animals wandering with their dear ones freely,

Cats with their kitten, dogs with their pup.

Suddenly I felt a cold touch of lips on my cheek,

“Honey dear, its time to wake up!”