The sun peeps over the horizon

And reflects its bright colored hues

The gleaming sun brightens the world

And suffocates me to the full.

The cement on the sidewalks, 

Has made me stiff as a bone. 

The ultraviolet rays gleam on my face 

Makes me wake up to the unrealistic world 

To face poverty all over again. 

I am all alone in this world 

My parents I do not know 

I was raised up in a home for orphans 

And thrown up last year because I was too old 

Two and a half years I suffered.,

Now I have suffered more than enough 

I am ready for a change, when will that happen. 

When merciless people dominate

and don’t care about me a cent? 

When I wake up, every morning 

I see children of my age go to a glorious world called School 

Where they receive the education

Whereas I receive none. 

I lie on the streets begging from people 

Something I despise to do. 

But, was born that way 

I cannot erase that black mark; what else can I have mercy on me, and pity us orphans some more. 

Not by throwing a coin or two 

Visit the home for orphans and stranded children. 

Think of the children who dream of the joys 

Which you hold your hands. 

Waiting, lying the streets 

Hoping to be taken in.

To receive all comforts 

Not lying in the streets homeless, penniless.

 Appealing mercifully to you…..