Once upon a time there was a girl who called Myra.  She is an introvert and feels comfortable on her inner thoughts rather than sharing with others. She is a girl who enjoys on her own without any companion. She understands everything but doesn’t speak. She had a sad miserable story in her life.

 Myra is a happy girl who spends her life happily without any worries. She embraces solitude and spirited girl. Suddenly her bright colourful life is turned into black. She had a best friend Tina who are well known since their childhood. They both spended their life with supporting, encouraging eachother. They both gone together through the thick and thin and lives a happy life without any worries. 

           One day both the friends are quarrelled and get themselves into many distractions. The distance between them is being built up that makes not to see eachother. They got separated. They both miss eachother but don’t interact cause of ego. Tinni tried very hard to get contact with her Myra but she rejected her. Tinni went overseas as she lost her patience with her friend’s attitude and she thought she will know her mistake at a certain time. 

       One day,  Myra recognised her mistake very lately and she want to approach her dearest friend Tina to accept her mistake and make themselves together again. She pulled up herself to hard to meet Tina at any cost and started traveling towards her. In her journey Myra got trauma because she heard the news of Tina’s death. Myra feels very regret and sad. She cried out very loud and it’s her last talk with everyone. She became very lonely and depressed. She could not able to digest the truth that Tina is no more. Slowly Myra got obsessed by herself and all the words gone unsaid.