After her last conversation of the night (which was more of a fight), she turned her phone off and laid on her bed, clutching to her bare soul. It had been a long day and she had met with nothing but disappointments. The disappointments were from people. From the ones she thought were her friends, from the ones she thought could be trusted, from the one who has her ‘The one’

As she turned to the left side of the bed, a tear drop from her right away rolled sideways from her eye to the pillow. She couldn’t hold that any longer. She let her tears and her thoughts flow. A tornado of thoughts was revolving in her mind.

Even after pouring my heart out to the wrong people every time, I get the lesson to not trust them again but still my soul starts searching for an angel who could appear out of nowhere. Why? Why is it too tough for people to behave like normal human being?

She didn’t know the answer herself but she still expected a magic. Though she was aware it is hard; amidst this world full of masqueraders finding a god is easier but a genuine human being. But she never lost hopes. She never stopped her search. Fascinated much with fairy tales’ happy endings? No one knew.

Adding to the grief was the vulnerability which was constantly clinging on to her shoulders to find her healer. Such was her desperation that she ended up committing the same mistake again and again and it had started to go in a loop. It only got darker and deeper and tougher to come out.

She started comparing her situation to that helpless thirsty nomad who searches for water in a desert. And when he approaches what seemed to him like water, his excitement is met with disappointment when he realizes it was but a mirage. Her disappointment was making her go crazy.

And a miracle did happen. It was like an intuitive grasp of knowledge falling on her from the heavenly powers. Or that flow of epiphany.

She realized that it were those people who should be pitied upon who couldn’t see the good in you. Who couldn’t see what a beautiful soul you were?

Who had no idea that you could had given them the key to your heart had they not been an ass.

Poor them! They will figure out one day what they lost in you and sigh. The Loss is theirs.