“Will you ever tell us the truth” The grey eyed blond in the suit asked her

“I am an open book, baby” Ellie replied with a wink

Ellie was rewarded with a straight punch to her face. She laughed and looked around with a bloody nose. It was the same grey dingy room she had been called in almost every day since 2 months. At first she was a little scared as to what might happen. But after the endless punches and kicks she had received, she was anything but scared. Maybe a bit bored though.

“I am sick of this bitch. Why the hell does the court want more proof? She was found there with the murder weapon near the body. We can’t get more proof and this bitch will never confess to her crimes”

“Her finger prints were not found on the murder weapon, so the court needs more proof” The dark haired officer said as a matter of fact

“Or maybe the judge thinks I am cute”

“Send her to her locker. We have to maybe step up our torture methods. Apparently beatings, cold water and canes don’t do it for her” The blond looked right into her eyes. Ellie gave him a smug smile as the black haired slick held her by her elbows roughly and led her out

“Maybe you just don’t do it for me” Ellie whispered as she went by him. She hoped that annoyed him more. She had a smug smile on her face as they were going through the passage, until the slick made her take a right turn.

“I hope that you are leading me out of this prison but knowing that you are not a good man, where are we going exactly?”

“They changed your cell block. They thought some company might do you good”

“What do you mean by some company? Don’t tell me am sharing a cell block. Remember, I am a really dangerous prisoner”.  Ellie exclaimed with sarcasm. The slick gave her his usual cold expression and she knew her plan to leave was going to have a few more obstacles than before.


Lily was watching her food plate and thinking about the delicacies she could have had at home had her stupid family not blamed her for her brother’s murder and sent her to prison.

“Wow that was an extreme thought for a food plate. And am talking to my own self, I have now officially reached a new level of madness”. She let out a loud sigh. She was just about to take a bite of the vomit inducing food when she heard the cell door open. The dark haired hottie who was nice to her was holding an angry brunette who looked like she was going to go on a killing spree. Lily hoped that she wouldn’t be her cell mate.

“Meet your new cell mate”

“You have got to be kidding me” The brunette rolled her eyes as the hottie removed her hand cuffs. He gave that brunette a cold look but smiled at lily as he closed the prison doors and left. The Brunette was giving the door a death stare. The silence was getting awkward so Lily decided to introduce herself despite the fact that she might be killed due to the wrath of the other lady in the cell.

“Hey, am Lily”

“Hey, I am mind your own damn business and stay the hell away from me”

“That is a really big name. Why don’t I just call you Joy because what a joy you are to be around, I can actually feel the happiness brimming inside me just being around you?”

Ellie made her bed and tried to sleep ignoring lily. She needed her strength if her plan was to work out and making acquaintances wasn’t going to do her any good. She knew how easy it was to get betrayed.


Ellie was awake for the past hour or so and that blonde lily was staring at her like she was a dog who might pounce on her anytime. Her stare was making her uncomfortable now.

“Why are you here?”

“The creepy girl finally talks after staring at me for hours”

“I am going to ignore what you said. Why are you here joy?” Lily stared at Ellie and she stared at her back .The cell door opened and the blond guy in the suit entered with an armed guy and pointed at Ellie with a smile.

“Time for a new kind of torture “

Ellie smiled back. She got up and gave Lily a smile too .And just when she was about to be handcuffed she kicked the blond where it’s supposed to hurt a lot and snatched the gun from the armed man and hit him with the gun as he became unconscious. She then pointed the gun at the blond officer.

“Don’t try to act smart “Ellie said as she snatched his talkie from his pocket.

“Holy Crap” lily said leaning on the wall looking in horror at Ellie.

“Well, you wanted to know why I am here sweetheart. This.Is.Why.Am.Here”

“You can still back out”

“Stop your blabber officer” Ellie said as she punched him twice and then finally hit him with the gun to render him unconscious.

“God I wanted to do that for so long” Ellie smirks at lily who looked like she had a near death experience. “Don’t you want to get ready to get out of this hell? We’ve got just 6 minutes till they realise that the blond isn’t back with me yet.”

“But, I thought you didn’t like me”

“I still don’t. Are you coming before I change my mind” Ellie said as she removed the uniform of the armed guy and started wearing it. Listen to me carefully, we are going to pretend that I am the officer and I am taking you for interrogation. As I will be right behind you. I am going to cuff you so nobody suspects us, okay ?” lily looked doubtful for a moment but what was the worst that could happen so she did as Ellie said.

Lily thought that Ellie looked like an officer wearing the cap as she took the keys from the officer’s pocket and slipped out of the door behind Lily who walked with a little hesitation. Ellie locked the prison door behind them. She made her take quite a few turns before she finally said

“One more right and then comes the kitchen”

“Am surprised the guards don’t suspect us”

“They just see a prisoner and an officer. We are almost there.”

“I am scared”

“Stop talking”

“What are you going to do” Lily shook her head in the direction of the guard

“Feed him cake and expect him to let us go. Now shut up” Ellie adjusted her cap and was about to open the door of the room when the guard interrupted her

“HEY, where are you taking the prisoner?”

“She has not been doing her services so I brought her here to clean the utensils, cook food and other stuff”

“That’s new!”

“Well you’ve got to imply new methods to teach them something, right” Ellie said as she gave Lily a jab on the head.

“Haven’t seen a beauty like you around here”

“I just got recruited. You’ll see me around now” Ellie smiled flirtingly as the guard opened the door with a grin.”Thank you” Just when Lily and Ellie get inside the room alarms start ringing.

“Shit! We’re going to die” Lily exclaims as the door behind them opens and the guard points at them

“I knew I hadn’t seen you before.”

“And you’ll never see me again. RUN” Ellie shouted as she pushed the cylinder in the direction of the guard. Lily ran behind Ellie till they got into another room.

“Where are we?”Lily inquired

“In the food supply room” Ellie replied absent minded, looking out of the window “It was supposed to be here at this time”

“What was supposed to be here?”

“There it is. You see that truck, we have to get inside it now. There will probably be lesser guards this side. They will mostly be on the other side where there isn’t a gate and should have been our route of escape. But, you still have to be careful. Come on, through the window or it’s going to leave in 3 minutes” They both got out through the window and ran and ducked behind the side of the truck. Ellie took out the guard near the truck by hitting him with the gun as they both got inside the driver side of the truck.

“This gun is quite helpful even though it’s not serving it’s real purpose” Ellie said with a victorious smile

“I’ve got to hide if I don’t want to be seen in my prisoner uniform”

“Crap. There’s no place to hide and they are going to check the truck thoroughly for both of us. And if you are found out, we both are done.”


“Thank you officer for your cooperation” The guard at the gate said

“So, did you find those two?” The brunette sitting at the driver’s seat inquired

“No, but we’ll find them soon”

“Good luck” Ellie drove the truck till they turned left and were out of sight.

“Get up now” a shrill voice from the driver’s seat came.

“Shut Up cry baby” Ellie exclaimed as she got up from the driver’s seat and removed the blanket under which a shrivelled up girl lay

“You are heavy. At one time I was almost going to give up. I found the idea of the prison more appealing than being choked to death”

“Ha ha. Now get aside. We’ve got to dump this truck somewhere and then leave”

“Did your friend or someone send this truck?”

“Nope, didn’t you see the guard driving this? It is the truck which brings the supplies here. It came every week and left at 6:30. And as I was about to be brought to the supposed torture at 6:20, it worked out well”

“Where are you going to go now?”

“The place I shouldn’t have been the night I was caught.”


“Are you sure you want to accompany me” Ellie asked Lily as they got down from the bus

“Yes. I don’t wanna be left alone and get caught. So who did you umm.. kill?

“I apparently killed a billionaire when I was camping near a warehouse and heard his cries inside and went to help. What about you?

“They think I killed my brother.”

“So, we both got convicted for things we didn’t do”

“I guess yes. Why do you want to go back?”

“I want answers.”

“So this is it” Lily said pointing at a lonely building.


Ellie opened the door with a squeak. It was a huge room with rusted iron scraps and small windows. The smell reminded Ellie of the Interrogation room.

“So, Lily, did you know the dark haired slick who used to interrogate me?”

“No, Ellie, I did not know him”


“What Happened?”

“All along you played the scared girl move pretty well, but now you just played the wrong move Stephanie Herondale. I never told you my name” Ellie said with a smile

“What are you saying? You told me your name later, remember. And who is this Stephanie Herondale” Lily said panicking. Ellie laughed

“Stephanie Herondale is the daughter of Will Herondale, the guy I didn’t kill but she did because I saw her walking out that night. And you thought I wouldn’t notice the smiles with the black haired slick or maybe the fact that you requested him to move my cell. Though what puzzles me is why you would do that”

“You are smarter than I thought you would be. I did that so that I could get you in a position in which it would like you tried to kill me so it could be seen as you having an animosity against my family and it wasn’t me who killed my brother, it was you”

“So why did you kill your brother before your father? For the property worth billions”

“Like I said before it wasn’t me who killed my brother, it was my father”

“Oh god”

“My brother was bastard so my father didn’t want everything to go to him. He told me he wanted to give it to me, so I helped him kill my brother. So when we met here after 3 days to hide the weapon, I got a call from my friend that the police was there to arrest me. My father framed me for my brother’s murder and the weapon he had in his hands was the one he had brought to kill me. He wanted all the money to go to his mistress.huh. He tried to kill me with the knife so that it would look like suicide. I had to kill my own father. You have no idea what that’s like”

“You are right, I don’t. But why frame me.”

“You were just unlucky and now you are going to go to jail again for breaking out of prison tagging me along and bringing to the same place you apparently killed my dad.” Stephanie says in mock horror “I called the police when you went to the store to get food and clothes”

Ellie gives a smug smile “I was actually counting on you for that. You see I didn’t go to the store just to get food and clothes, I also got a recorder. And I think I recorded your confession.”

“Give me that”

“I guess no” Ellie said as the doors opened and cops got in armed

“Drop your weapons and follow us”

“Now we are going to get convicted for things we did” Ellie winked at a scowling Stephanie as the policemen led them out of the place where it all started