November 12, 2017, 5.30 AM

His whats chat rings. Half sleepy Ravi calls Sara. She rejects the call from the other end. Within 5 minutes he again dials her number. This time she finally picks up the call.

Ravi: Hi sweety. Good morning!

Sarah: Why did you call me when I texted you. You should also have just texted me only!

After memorising this new relationship rule Ravi sarcastically apologized for not knowing it before. They talked for one hour before finally deciding to have breakfast first and talk afterwards. Some how Ravi unconsciously took the responsibility of calling back again when he said, ” we will talk back soon”.

At two, Sarah was still waiting for his call, she wanted to talk to him so badly but didn’t made a call first by herself. She was already breathing heavily without talking to him for such long time because for her, Ravi was more than a person she loved, he was her addiction.

Finally deciding to call him, she diled his number 9882803988. This was her favourite number, having both their birth dates included in between 988’s. Her first call was not answered, so she called again. Phone bell kept ringing for at least five times and no one picked. At exact 4.30 after having her evening tea Sarah redialed and from the other end she heard automated voice telling, “the number you have dialed is switched off, please dial after some time”. To this her first dramatic response was, “how dare he” and the next being “god, please if he met with an accident something, please save him,”. If Professor Xavier had ever read her mind, he would have labled her nothing less than ‘mantally hyperactive overthinker not fit for earth’. There Ravi might be just sitting on the pot all this while, but in her room, Sarah was almost getting a panic attack. She cajoled herself into thinking Ravi might be busy so she should not disturb him. Though she kept calling in hope of a single response but all her efforts were in vain. She was nervous, a bit scared too but angry at the same time because she had no Idea what emotion she should carry in her mind when she doesn’t even know the reason that would make her boyfriend’s phone go off.

Possibilities were beyond count and her fears were growing manyfold with every passing hour. She called his friends, they showed no interest in him but alot in her. This infuriates her and as any other girl would do she slammed them. Then she talked to his officemates. They didn’t knew her but still were way more convincing when it came to help locate Ravi

She wanted to call police but her rational self made her abandon that idea for good because it were just 8 hours and police won’t even file a complaint till twenty four hours are passed. Sarah then turned to her gadgets in the time of need. She posted on internet ” SOS… DM me if someone lives in saket, south Delhi.” but she just recieved hopeless texts there.

After failing in all her plans she told her cousin to send someone to search for her lover ‘s where abouts. He agreed to help but now her secret was out in front of her big mouthed cousin. She would still happily sacrifice her secrets in hope of happy reunion with Ravi. He tried his best still her cousin wasn’t much helpful either. He asked his friends but unluckily that day none of his acquaintances were anywhere near Delhi. Sarah argues with him for being so unhelpful and he harshly said she could go and find Ravi herself. This made her sad because by now she knew she had noone to comfort her search, even if she had someone he wouldn’t have gone searching for Ravi just because he was not replying.

Poor girl was exhausted by 9. She burried her face under tonnes of pillows and cried till she was finally unable to she anymore tears. Cursing herself for being unlucky and over posessive she went to bed. She was sleepless for the rest of the night. After imagining all the horrible things that could have possibly happened she closed her eyes, then suddenly her phone rang. She checked the nomber and finding that it was Ravi she smiled at her phone and then full of anger she switched off her phone and went to sleep. It was 2 am. already, knowing that he was alright was enough for her to sleep peacefully.

Next day she woke up smiling and switched on her phone. Then texted a ” hi ” to which Ravi replied instantly. He was already in doubt that he will get scolding from Sarah for the previous day. He was half praying and half remembering excuses so that he wouldn’t have to face any tough situation leading to breakup. But when he replied he got to know that nothing bad happened. She started talking as sweetly as she would, because Sarah was happy to see her boyfriend alive which she wasn’t expecting much. And that was enough for the sweet girl to start a beautiful day. She forgot the long day of wait and chatted with her one and only love for hours. During this time she told him she got worried and spread the news that Ravi was missing amoung his family and friends. But Ravi wasn’t offended a bit. He liked the way Sarah cared so he cared less for the world. He was overjoyed to know how muchhis girl missed him. He had always known that Sarah has limitless love for him but this time she stole his heart. Then he conveyed his reason of no contact. He was unsure how will Sarah react to it. He told her, he lost his Charger in his office so he couldn’t give her a call and apologized for being so careless. Sarah was always the more dominant person in their relationship but the fear of losing her love made her lose her throne this time.

She forgave Ravi and decided never to be an arrogant egoist in the little life humans have. Ravi too pledged not to act like a careless boy anymore as their relation was more precious to him now that he knew how much Sarah loved him. With this incident both Sarah and Ravi gained confidence over their choices. Ravi cherished how he found a perfect girl and Sarah knew she too have recieved a perfect boyfriend and for both of them each other’s faults were not important enough to change anything between them.