This story is about Mr.&Mrs.Roshan. The Story begins with the people who are enquiring about the address and it ends with a twist. 


Roshan’s Home

Mrs. Roshan is watching the television. She is watching breaking news about a thief who has been escaped from the prison. The police commissioner of the city also warns the people and advised to stay cautious. Mrs. Roshan was scared already because her house is situated in an extension area of the city and only 3 houses are there in the street. She was scared to go outside the home after seeing this news.

7 P.M

Mr. Roshan has returned from the office and he knocked the door. But Mrs. Roshan did not open the door immediately. She first saw through the window and then she has opened the door.

Mr. Roshan: hey, why did you take more time to open the door?

Mrs. Roshan: sorry dear, I saw news about a thief who has escaped from the prison.

Mr. Roshan: he laughed and said why do you worry about that? If you suspect anyone then don’t open the door. Just speak with them through the window.

Mrs. Roshan: yes, you are right. I should do like that.

Mr. Roshan: I am hungry, please serve the food.




After Roshan leave the home she was busy in doing the rest of the household works. Then around 11 A.M she got time to relax herself. She sat in the sofa with a cup of coffee. After few minutes she heard a knocking sound at the entrance of the home.

So she saw through the window. She saw a man outside. He looks like a representative from an office. So she asked him through the window what do you want?

Outsider: Madam, I come from the insurance office. I would like to meet Mr. Gupta ji.

Mrs. Roshan: there is no one in this home called Gupta.

Outsider: Madam, I have to discuss about the premium amount and only this address has been provided in the insurance documents.

Mrs. Roshan: then definitely that person has given the wrong address.  Are you new to your work?

Outsider: yes mam, this is my first day on duty.

Mrs. Roshan: ok, just verify from your office records about the address.

Outsider: sorry madam.

Mrs. Roshan: it’s ok, leave it.


Mrs. Roshan is reading the stories. Few minutes later someone has knocked the door. As usual she saw outside through the window. Courier service boy was standing outside. So she asked what?

Courier boy: I have a parcel for Mrs. Naina

Mrs. Roshan: see, my name is Mrs. Roshan, there is no one in this home called Naina.

Courier boy: Madam Ji, this address only mentioned in the parcel.

Mrs. Roshan: what can I do? Go and verify in your office or enquire in   the next street.

Courier boy: sorry madam.


Mrs. Roshan has severe headache. So she was taking rest. At that time someone has knocked the door. Mrs. Roshan got irritated and said someone is troubling me daily. She verified through the window and saw a young couple there. They requested her to open the door. So Mrs. Roshan opened the door.

Young Couple: madam, we are new to this street. We came here to invite you for a party in our home.

Mrs. Roshan: that’s nice. Finally we got a friendly neighbor.

Young couple: Yes, there are only 3 houses in this street. So we thought to invite you all for the party.

Mrs. Roshan: that’s so nice. Is there any special reason for the party?

Young couple: nothing special. As we are new to this street, we want to introduce our self to our neighbors. We can be good friends, right?

Mrs. Roshan: so kind of you. I am very happy to have a friendly neighbor like you.

Young couple: smiled and said please don’t forget to attend the party tomorrow evening at 6P.M

Mrs. Roshan: sure.


The representative from the insurance office reached Mrs. Roshan’s home again because he has verified from the office records and found that the same address has been provided by Mr. Gupta. When he reached the home there was a police van outside the home. So he didn’t enter the home and asked the neighbors.

The young couples who are staying next to Mrs. Roshan’s house do not know the reason. So both the young couples and the insurance officer decided to go to Roshan’s home. But they were not allowed by the police constable. Few minutes later the sub-inspector of police noticed them and asked them to come inside.

Young couples: sir, we are residing in the same street.

Sub-inspector of police: so what?

Young couples: we want to meet Mrs. Roshan

Sub-inspector: what about you? He asked the insurance officer

Insurance officer: sir, I came here to meet Gupta ji.

Young couples: Gupta? Sir, Mrs. Roshan is residing here. There is no one here in the name Gupta.

Meanwhile the sub-inspector of police asked them to remain silent for 10 minutes. He said I came here for an investigation and the reporters will be here in few minutes. I will clarify all your doubts in front of the journalist.

So the insurance officer and the young couple were eager to know the reason for the presence of the police.

Few minutes later the journalists came there. So the sub-inspector said ok, I will tell you the mystery behind this house.

The neighbors have witnessed a husband and wife in the name Mr. and Mrs.Roshan. But they are not the actual owner of this house. The man who lived in this house in the name Roshan is actually a thief who escaped from a prison recently.  His name is surrender. Some of you may know this information through the news channels. His wife Mrs. Roshan is the lover of the thief. Her real name is kamala. After surrender escaped from the prison, his lover kamala helped him by providing him money. Both of them have decided to travel to Singapore with the help of fake passports.

But as the photo of the surrender has been circulated to the media he was unable to move outside. So he changed his appearance and wants to live in a place where the police would not suspect. So both surrender and kamala choose this house to live temporarily.

Journalist: sir, how do you know about this?

Sub-inspector of police: we got information from the insurance office about the residential details provided by Mr. Gupta. They said that a lady in the name Mrs. Roshan is residing in this home and not Mr. Gupta. So we started our investigation and came to a conclusion that Mr. Gupta is the real owner of this house.

Journalist: but where is Mr. Gupta?

Sub-inspector of police: Mr. Gupta, please come here. Within few seconds a man in the age of 50’s came to the hall where the police and the journalist are assembled.

Journalist: Mr. Gupta, where did you stay till today?

Police: I can answer this question. He and his wife stayed in this same house but in the upstairs. The thief and his lover threatened them that they will be killed if they try to shout or if they seek the help of the police. Mr. and Mrs. Gupta were tied up in a chair. We rescued both of them and also arrested the fake Roshan and his wife.

Meanwhile a courier boy came there and enquires about Mrs. Naina.

Police: yes, you came to the correct address now. Mrs. Naina is the wife of Mr. Gupta.

The young couple who are residing in the same street and the insurance officer could not believe anything. They were shocked.