For Every human being, there will be a favourite food. Many times they prefer that food. Here in this story for a person, Poori masala is the favourite food. The story is about the kind of link he is having with Poori Masala.


It was an important day in the life of Siran Ganesh. He had an important business meet at his office at 11 O clock in the morning. There was a foreign delegate who has arrived at Chennai to offer their company a contract of 20 crores. His Managing Director Karshan had instructed Siran Ganesh to be at the office at 10 O clock. Siran was one of the persons who have to sign the project documents in presence of the foreign delegate. The Delegate’s name was Kulan sivey and he was a multi-millionaire and a business man.

Siran was happy from the morning on that day. His office location is at Triplicane and his house was at Saidapet. That day Siran wanted to have his favourite dish “Poori Masala” as his breakfast. He also wanted to eat it at his favourite shop situated in Mylapore near Kabaleeshwarar temple.

The Regular route which he would take to go to his office was through mount road. But today as he wanted to have his favourite dish, he decided to take the Mylapore route.

Everything he decided the previous day, hence he started off from his house by 8.30 a.m. in the morning.
He reached his favourite shop at 9.00 a.m. and ordered Poori Masala. The Tiffin came and he ate well up to his satisfaction. By the time he finished his Tiffin, it was 9.20 a.m.
Siran started his bike and left the hotel. He took the road towards Luz corner.
He was in an urgent and forgot to spot the red signal.

There came a car at a high speed and collided with his bike and he got carried away.


There was a big confusion at the signal, and all the vehicles applied the brake. The cops at the Signal Junction got alerted by the mess happened. They saw the whole thing and the main mistake was on Siran Ganesh.
They came running to clear the scene. The Car driver came out of the car to see the situation. The Bike of Siran got on the ground with severe damages.

Siran had small scratches in his body and luckily he did not have any injury. The cops and the other people around there were shouting and scolding him like anything.

The place got filled with heavy noises. He got stumbled with the situation. Siran did not know what to do in that situation. The only word he said was “Sorry.”

The Cops cleared the scene by taking Siran and the car driver with their vehicles to the side of the road.

The Car was also damaged and Siran’s mobile was also damaged severe. There was no chance for him to use his mobile phone. The Car driver was arrogant and he was also shouting at Siran for his carelessness.

Siran said,” Sir, I am in an urgent and I have a meeting at 11 O clock, please allow me to go”

The cop said,” You may be in urgent, but why did you violate signal, now this is an accident case and we need to register it”

The Car driver said,” Sir, the fault is on his side, and I need compensation for my damages”

Siran said,” Sir I will do the necessary formalities, but now please allow me to go, I have an important meet”

The cop said,” ok then leave your vehicle and documents here, complete your job and come back”

Cop turned to car driver,” Ok sir, we will do the formalities and ensure that your compensation”

Siran left the place and he stopped an auto rickshaw and enquired the driver for the rate.

He asked,” How much do you charge to go to Triplicane?”
Auto driver answered,” Rs.200 sir”

Siran asked,” What? Rs.200 for Triplicane…normal meter rate will be Rs.100 only”

Auto driver said,” Sir, return I will be coming empty only”

Siran said,” Okay take Rs.150, but Rs.200 is high”

Auto driver said, “Okay get in sir”

Siran entered the auto and relaxed a while. He saw his watch it was already 10 O clock by that time.

His mind was in full tension because his boss wanted him to be at the office at 10 O clock, but he was in Mylapore at 10 O clock.

The auto moved on.

Unfortunately, when the auto reached another 100 meters and took a right turn, a tempo came and hit the auto.

The auto swivelled and stopped, but it did not fall on the ground. It stopped and the auto driver came out and saw the tempo which stopped there. The driver seems to have consumed alcohol.

The auto driver shouted at the Tempo driver,” You rascal…see you have damaged my auto!”

The Tempo driver shouted,” You fool! Whom you are calling rascal?”
Both of them started fighting with each other.
Siran got disappointed and tried to control their fight.

On another side, his mind got occupied with the meeting.

He shouted at the driver, “Man! I have an important business meet today”

The auto driver,” if you are in urgent, go by some other auto, I won’t come!”

Siran gave Rs.50 to him and walked away from there. He walked a few meters and found a bus stop.

He thought to go by government bus, as he thought that it would be safe.

And anyway, he can give an explanation to his boss about the unfortunate events.

He got a bus, and when he entered into the bus it was 10.25 a.m.

Siran’s adrenalin was pumping high.
The Bus moved another 100m and stopped.

The driver tried to start it again but it did not start. Again and again, he tried to start, but it was of no use.
The passengers were looking here and there.

There was confusion and after a few minutes, the driver declared that it was an engine fault.

Siran got tensed again and got out of the bus.

Due to high adrenalin pump, Siran got a feeling that he need to empty his bowels. He looked out for a toilet nearby. He did not find one there. So he walked fast and reached a nearby bus stop. He found a public toilet there.
He went inside the toilet there and emptied his bowels. After a while he came out and saw the watch, it was 11 O clock.
“Oh! My god! The meeting would have started, and I am still in Mylapore” said Siran to himself.
He ran in a hurry and got an auto. This time he did not bargain anything.
Siran said, “Sir! I am in an urgent, please go fast”

Auto driver said,” sir now only we had two accidents reported around Mylapore, I can’t go fast”

Siran said,” Ok go as soon as you can”

There was a heavy traffic jam on that day at the next signal. The vehicles stopped at the signal, for a minister to pass through.

It made them more than 15 minutes to wait for that one signal.

Siran’s blood vessels had rapid movements of blood flow.

He was not calm. His mind was at the extreme level of tension.

At last, the signal opened and they crossed the signal. Similar conditions they faced in the subsequent signals also.

By the time he reached his office, it was 12 O clock in the noon.

There was a lot of noises in the office and the employees were gossiping here and there.

When they saw him, everybody stopped talking and made a silence.

He entered the director’s room. On seeing him, the director shouted, “You fool and idiot, Irresponsible fellow!”

Siran said,” Sir, let me explain”

Karshan shouted, “What is there to explain, we lost the project! Kulan sivey had left already”

Siran,” Sir, Sorry sir I met with an accident”

Karshan shouted,” what? Accident…you are good only …hale and healthy…you are framing some stories”

Siran,” Sir I met with an accident…please see these scratches”

Karshan shouted,” I cannot trust you, today is an important day and you have made a total mess”

Siran said,” No sir, my bike met with an accident at Mylapore”

Karshan asked, “What? Mylapore…what is the need for you to go to Mylapore, you are from saidapet only”

Karshan said,”…you should have taken the mount road route”
Siran said,” Sir I had a small work there,”

Siran further added, “I thought of finishing it and come to office”

Siran said,” but the accident happened there…and made all the delay”

Karshan said,” Oh! You had some other work which is important today than a 20 crore contract?”

Karshan said,” Get lost and don’t come to office from tomorrow”

Siran said, “Sir, sorry sir”

Karshan said, “No more explanations, please leave and contact the HR for your settlements. I will issue you termination order immediately”

Siran put his head down and came out of the room.

He walked away from the office.

Two days after he was sitting in his home with his friend sugumar.

Sugumar asked,” Siran, what was the important job which you had in Mylapore?”

Siran said,” I thought of eating Poori Masala, and I had it, man, that was the work there”

Sugumar burst into laughter,” Oh my god, Poori masala! Because of one plate of Poori masala, you lost your job?”

Siran Said, “Yes man, true”

Sugumar said,” Ok don’t worry, try some other job”

Sugumar advised, “Don’t show that you got terminated from your old company in your resume”

Siran said, “Yes I understand”

Then from that day Siran started his next job search. Three months ran, and he found difficult to find a new one.
At last, after three months, he got a job.

He got an offer as a manager in a company name “Set Free Shepherd private limited”
It was his first day. He went to the office without taking his morning breakfast, planning to have it at the office canteen.

He was at his office by morning 9 O clock itself.

When he entered the canteen, he found his new boss also standing in the canteen.

He greeted him, “Good Morning man”

Siran said, “Good Morning Sir”

He said,” I am your new boss, and new to Chennai also”

He added,” just got transferred from Tiruvannamalai yesterday and joining here today”

Siran said,” Oh that’s great…then we both are having the same joining dates here at this office”

He said,” yes man, I think we are having same astrological life”

Siran said,” Oh! I don’t believe in astrology”

He said,” Oh! Ok that is not a problem…it varied from person to person”

Siran asked,” Sir, I forgot to ask your name”

He said,” I am Sharath”

Siran said,”Thank you, sir”

Sharath said,”Ok come on let us have our breakfast, today I will pay for you, and you should not deny my treat”

Siran said,” oh! It’s my pleasure; I will accept your offering”

Sharath asked,” mmm! Ok what order will I place for you?”

Siran said” sir, let it be your choice today, whatever is your favourite food, and you please order it for me”

Sharath said,” Ok that will also be a good idea”

Sharath summoned the bearer.

The bearer came to their table

Sharath said, “Please bring us two plates of Poori Masala”

Siran exclaimed,”Poori Masala!”