The story is a mystery which is based on love, emotions and money. It is a story of a (prostitute / hooker) now termed as legalised sex worker and a son of a millionaire. He doesn’t want to take care of his father’s company and want to become a writer. He meets Sydney…the love and intense emotions. Then they start an NGO where they take care of kids who gets birth by such consequences and people reject to provide support to the same. John’s unfortunate death and the revolving mystery… Sydney gathers courage and fights against the situation.


It was a cold night. Anyone could observe sweat over her fore-head. Her body was totally under the influence of those nightmares. Even in such cold weather profuse sweating totally drenched her clothes and the bed-sheet. Her ears were still rigging with those screams and gunshots, people with weapons running around, looking for her, searching for the slightest movements. Then, the broken glass pieces and her bare-foot. She tried to control the pain by biting her lower-lip so that she would not shout. Her body could feel drag, hurt and torture. She was looking at few enervated bodies and their vulnerable, blatant surroundings. Then some voices, gunshots, people shouting hands-up and under arrest…..and the final gunshot!!!

Sydney woke up suddenly and she realised that she was breathing heavily; the maid beside her bed woke up too. She ran into the kitchen and brought a piece of chocolate and a glass of water. That was the sixth time in this month she had this sort of panic attack. Maid Marry asked, “Mam, are you okay? Please have a bite of this chocolate. Wait! I will give you your medicine! Please mam now take a deep breath……..leave slowly….again….leave”. That kind of cycle went on for about five minutes. Sydney tried to stem the terror from the back of her mind, but was totally abortive to that. She grabbed a hand of Aunt marry and said, “Please don’t leave me alone…please…please…pp-ll-ee…”. Sydney was slowly asleep, because of the sedatives. Aunt Marry just looked at her callow face. In that bemused situation she looked up and told Jesus to add smile into her futile life.

Her behaviour was normal next day. She could not remember much of the things that happened yesterday. She was eager to meet Dr. Kevin Nash, her psychiatrist, tall and handsome guy with bluish-grey eyes. She loved his unequivocal and candid nature. He was set for their tenth session. He made her body sleep over the treatment chair, and then he went towards the remote stand and removed it slowly. Then, he slightly adjusted the angle of the chair. Sitting beside her, he actually caressed her falling beautiful black hair. With the other hand he used some cotton with a slight spirit over it. Sydney asked promptly, “When I am ready to talk and explain everything, why these injections are needed Kevin?” Doctor replied simply, “It clears up your brain and gives you energy so that you talk for a longer period of time.”

She agreed unwillingly and closed her eyes. The next thing she always used to experience was the silence and blackout.

Kevin kept on repeating the questions like what did you see on that day? Who were those people? And what you were talking about during the last session? These kinds of questions always helped psychiatrists and their sessions. Sydney was having these kinds of sessions because she had to handle the work load of 24 centres of their NGO. They used to take care of kids of legalised sex workers, who used to come and approach them.

Kevin asked after few routine questions, where is John? Where is he?? Last time you panicked before you could give any answer. She murmured something, “Philadelphia! Arizona! …Texas!!” She again went into the flashback. The darkness of the room, pungency of those bed-sheets never actually bothered her mind. People used to visit, her flashy clothes, blouses showing cleavage and transparent clothes. She remembered businesses in which she was involved in and pleasure from the sex in the room.

Then one day she was called into a lavish hotel. She got dressed for the job. She slowly entered into the room and saw a very charming person. He was well-built, brown eyes and classy face-cuts. They saw each other. It was very unusual that she felt. He held her and greeted her with a two-liner poem. She smiled slightly. Both of them sat down and exchanged few words for a while. Knowing unknowingly they lost the track of time. It had been six months now, she went to the Royal suit of John and she enjoyed the same. Nothing new, all normal but presence of John, everyday and nigh, that was something unusual. One day John asked her for lunch….she was astonished, glad and sad; thoughts were whirling in her mind. She said after few seconds, “I want some time to think….” Anyone would want to go out with John Carricate, he was smart and charming. His father, Mr. Okman Carricate was a Wall-Street billionaire. Now son became writer, addicted to sex and smoke due to the pressure his father used to put over him about the business. He never wanted to do any of it.

Now Sydney recalled their fourth meet. They were attracted to one another, because she never had four meets with the same person in a period of two weeks.

He came inside and grabber her tight, she was terrified a bit. He was totally drunk and high on drugs. Then suddenly he hugged her and started crying. She tried to caress him but he could not discontinue. She helped him to settle down on the bed like a baby, putting his head over her lap, she moved her arm through his hair. She was trying to console him. She said, “It’s alright….you are fine. Now tell me, what’s the matter? Why are you crying?” The she remember listening to his life story. Then she ordered some food. They both chatted through the night. Then slept in the morning……She woke up when her boss knocked on the door. BANG! BANG! BANG! He was shouting from outside…….Then everything dark….blank. Silence filled the space.

Kevin was fed up by the story. He heard the same thing for the past one month in which he had 10 sessions. All the servants and maids at home wondered about the haunting. They felt sad about her miserable state when they used to think about the whore. That is how             Mr. Carricate introduced her to those servants. He used to say, “She is one of you, maybe worse. My glorious son’s one and only love! What else can you expect from a writer…!” His condescending thoughts made everyone, especially John and Sydney felt dreadful. Suddenly, Sydney started shivering and shouting, “Please don’t shoot, don’t kill me!!”

At that moment Kevin held her hand and asked, “Sydney, you are all right! Just try and see who is it? Just focus please dear….focus!” Sydney opened her mouth and screamed like she never done before…..Kevin felt the sweat over her palms, her body temperature was decreasing. He tightened the grip and said, “Dear who is there? Please try and see! Please dear!” Sydney’s face turned white and terror covered her mind like dark clouds of the rains over tiny city. She exclaimed, “He is tall…..veryyyy t-a-a-l-l and…and guns!!!He has guns!!!” She started shivering, her mouth remained open and watery liquid started coming out from her mouth. Kevin shouted, “Marry, the medicine and my bag!!!!Fast…fast!” He told Marry to hold her tight and wiped her mouth. Then he gave her the dosage of the medicine by injecting it directly. Then all calm…her body stopped moving and she was in deep sleep in the next five minutes.

Beautiful sunlight of the next morning kissed her face subtly. She could not open her eyes properly….tried to move her body but her physic was still under the influence of the sedative. She somehow managed to see Marry. She moved her hand and pointed it towards water. Marry gave her, she drank it very slowly….Then she woke up and asked about yesterday. Everyone was silent. No one was willing to tell anything. At-last she shouted, “Can anyone please tell me something?” Tears rolled down over her cheeks. Marry said slowly, “Mam…you….Mam you….you told about some tall guy with weap…..weapons.” She was totally stunned by the things Marry told her further, she tried to recall but her head was spinning and paining. Suddenly the door bell rang, “This is NYPD! Please open the door!” Everyone was staring at one another….no one had guts to open that door…..

To be continued……………..