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A teenage girl who is extremely fed up with being a teenage decides to narrate her story in front of her friends with a belief that they will understand her. Each month when those five days arrive, I cannot enter the kitchen. I cannot drink water from same bottle as I will pollute the bottle. I cannot eat my favourite pickle for five continuous days. I cannot enter a temple or go to some other place to worship just because I am on my periods and it impure the purest place. I cannot wear my favourite white skirt as I might get red stains. Those red stains on the walls of a holy place do not imply impurity, but my skirt’s red stains impure the holy place.

The first day, when I got my periods my mother told me not to share this with anyone. I was told that if my father gets to know to about this, I will feel shame. I always have to wrap the sanitary napkin in a black poly bag or a newspaper because if anyone sees they will know I get periods. I have always been told to keep a natural process, a fact hidden as it is illegal to bleed. Even after knowing I am going through pain and have unstable mood. I am told not to go outside and hangout with my friends. I feel exceptional as I do not crave for ice cream or chocolates, but, I only crave for sour things. However, it is already said that I cannot eat sour food as it will harm me more. On one hand, my mother says me to drink hot milk and on the other hand, I am told to eat more ice cream. Being a girl is more than being usual and yourself too.

Periods sometimes leads to pimples and pimples causes’ irritation. If I scratch them it is said that it will be hard to find a groom for me because people love spotless faces to get married. If a boy has dark complexion it is not necessary that a girl can reject him however, if a girl has dark complexion it is very obvious that it will be hard to find a groom for her.

Also if my family gets to know that I am in live with boy who loves me too. I am abused because I am a small girl and I cannot understand what is best for me. On the other hand if my brother is dating some girl, there is no problem with that. Excuse me! I want to ask that who decides this that I am young for something like deciding my life partner and too old to sleep with my favourite teddy bear. I am old enough to wear my favourite short skirt, whereas to speak for my own rights in my own family I am too young.

Last week when I told them, I want to become a business entrepreneur, they were laughing on me. Everyone said that business is meant for boys and unfortunately I am girl. However, I always been given the freedom to pursue my goals and opportunity to build my own dreams. And I want to prove this to my family that I am fortunate enough to pursue my own goal and dreams. I can write my own destiny and I can become whatever I wish to become. I know I will need support but, I will make this happen. The moment I saw everyone laughing on my dream, I was shattered as well as more determined towards my goal.

Discrimination is and has always been an integral part of our society. I have to get waxed and go through that hell painful thing in my life for hours and look like a Barbie doll all the time whereas my brother has body hair like that of gorilla and it is allowed. Sometimes, I feel pity for myself and other females as well. We have to go through all the painful things all our lives and get nothing out of it. We have to compromise all of our lives and receive criticism only. It is very unfortunate I have to abide by the rule and norms of my family and bring an amendment in our regulation.