TITLE : AQSON level 1

GENRE : Fantasy, fiction

AUTHOR : Sreejib ( Koel Ganguli )

PAGES : 410


RATINGS: ***** ( 5 stars) 


I received a review copy of AQSON level 1 in exchange for an honest review. I thank Sreejib (koel) for being so kind enough to send me a hard copy, or else it would have been a great loss not reading this book.

Before I get into the review, I have just have one word for AQSON level 1 – “OUTSTANDING”

This is the best ever Fantasy book I have read this year – 2016 . The truth is I was never a fan of much fantasy books (exception – Harry potter series) and now there’s  AQSON , I am literally obsessing over it now that’s where the author has left us with the book.

I have so much to tell that I might forget to mention a few things, I will always come back and update. I have no clue where to begin from, so let me just dive in to the review.

To be honest I am not a fan of Greek mythology ( I don’t mind reading though ), the characters are basically drawn from Greek myth, the characterisation and plot was so good that I had an instant liking towards Greek mythology.

Kuddos to koel for bringing out such a beautiful and a unique concept which involves politics, college life, angels, weapons, games, magic and what not. This book was definitely refreshing

I swear that there are so many scenarios in this book where you will definitely feel “Oh damn!! I never saw that coming …. I should have known “etc. Likes there’s so much of twists and turns in the story.

I bet no one can ever hate this book and rate it below 4.5 stars, because its soooooooo amazing.



The plot is basically set where Team Lucifer and Team God set a game called AQSON, where the goal of the game is set to be the Indian PM’s position. Both team Lucifer and team God has raised weapons to win the game of AQSON. So winning AQSON is the theme of the book.

On the other end there’s politics happening, and the concept of Indian student politics rises, where a bunch of students from universities join hands to form a student political party called ‘PEERS’ working in unison towards a project called ‘ME’. PEERS work towards achieving it and there’s political fights happening.

Meanwhile team Lucifer makes a counter move and the game AQSON officially begins.

I have kept the plot spoiler free, because the author has taken much effort to make this book a success and by any means I would not spoil that. Adding to that unlike other books people would prefer to read a spoiler free review for such a brilliant plot.



Trust me this book has too many characters, but only a few are the main ones. There’s Yuvrani – the weapon of team Lucifer, she is the Pandora’s Box aka called as pithos. She is smart, brave, and powerful and has complete knowledge of the game and her team. She is portrayed as a very strong player and she has this ability to travel to peoples mind. (Isn’t that super cool??)

On the other hand there’s Toya an innocent, simple girl who believes to be a normal human being, while she had no clue that she is for a reason, a reason that to play for team God. When her identity is revealed she breaks down finding it difficult to accept the fact that she is immortal until the game ends.

Then there is JOB and Vanraj the Guardian angels of Toya and Yuvrani respectively. These angels are the Vice captains of the either teams, and they are given the power to mould/give their weapons the shape they want to. Hence Vanraj moulded pithos in a human form.

You will definitely fall in love with the three other friends of Toya – AJ, Ollie, and Goenka, their friendship element is so strong that we wish we had such friends in real. The author has written such friendship scenes, which make us feel warm. The characters are quite funny at times, we tend to laugh out, and that’s the intensity of the characters.

Not to forget sky, that girl’s characterisation was the best, she is one such character made me laugh over her dialogues.

Who is sky?? shhh .. Well you will know… Read the book

Other characters include Lucifer, God, Karna, Amba, Rahul, appy, Sid, party leaders etc.


–  Plot

– Characters

– Writing style:  The book had to the point, crisp and clear writing. Sometimes when we read a particular book we happen to re-read a few sentences or pages due to its lack of clarity. (Trust me it’s happened to me a couple of times while reading some books.) But koel’s writing style was a Bang on!!  She literally nailed AQSON.

I have to mention this here or I literally die out of excitement… I loved this part where Yuvrani travels into the minds of PEERS – Toya, Ollie, Aj, Goenka, Rahul and Appy. The author had done perfect justice to this part, hats off to her imaginative mind.



Naah am kidding … I hate nothing about the book

How can I hate anything in a book if it is given 5 stars?



This book was one of my wisest choices to review; else I would have missed all the fun and goodness in the book. This book is really captivating, it captivates your heart and soul and still you get to ask more of it.  

I was never into liking politics; this book gave a whole new definition to politics. It took politics to a next level.

I am eagerly waiting to know what happens next, I hope the sequel to this book does justice to the writing style and characterisation without losing its essence.

Have you chosen your team??

I have choose my team and

              The Game does not end here, the Game just began.

  Let the Battle begin!! Let the angels rise!! Let the weapons strike!!

                                Team Lucifer  v/s Team God