He realizes that he is missing something important… 


I wanted to know more. I have such a heavy feeling of uneasiness right now, yet I cannot reason with my heart. I am sure that I am seeking answers, yet I don’t know what the questions are. Sighing deeply I turned the page to read the next entry.

The page was blank.

A sudden feeling of panic started bubbling in me. I flipped through all the pages carefully to find something, anything, but there was nothing. The diary ended with just a single entry. How was this possible? What was I supposed to do now? I flipped back to the first entry and read it again.

‘Read the book and you will understand…’ which book? Slowly getting up I walked to my right where there was a wall shelf full of books. This was my treasure. Even though I was like this, I could still feel something special looking at these books. There were a few divisions and one had my name on it. These were definitely the books written by me.

I ran my fingers over the books slowly, counting them one by one. There were twelve books in total. I took out the first one in the line and turned to its summary page. It was a book about a mute girl with a lot of family problems and how her fiancé ended up tricking her but she fought back. The name was of the book was Michi.

I kept it back and picked up the second one. This one was about the life of a toy who had lost its value temporarily due to a mistake by a shopkeeper but somehow things changed.

The ending seems to be positive like the first one. I kept picking up book after book, reading their summaries and trying to find out which the main book was. One thing that I could understand after reading was that the ‘old me’ used to be very positive. After all, every book writing by him, had a happy ending.

They show the protagonist facing problems and then climbing over them. What was interesting was the choice of characters and problems. Everything was exceedingly, simple. The characters and the problems were a part of any person’s day to day events. Anyone could be the lead while reading the book. They were all about life lessons. The last book that I took out had no name on it. On opening it I figured out that it was handwritten and so it must be unpublished. It was a thick book but half of the pages were empty.

Somehow I was sure that this was the book I had to read. I opened it and read the first line. There was something that somehow made my head feel light and I lost the sentence in the middle. I tried again and felt like I had forgotten something really important and that was there in those lines. The world around me started swirling and my hands started shaking.

My stomach started aching slightly and I could feel my heartbeat getting fast. ‘Shit. I am going to fall’ is all I could think before hitting the ground.

As my sight disappeared, I heard a faint noise that actually might have been pretty loud.

Someone entered my room again.