Am 20 years old and always busy with my work. as a mass communication student am always busy with my assignments, blog, research and many more but when it comes to my food am always ready for it in the hostel we always it pizzas and junk gives us some satisfaction but if I see the real happiness within mummy aloo paratha, with desi ghee and curd, biryani, and most favourites’ laddus. like that, I always miss the childhood memories of the marriage of my doll and playing small games with school friends. enjoying the times with your family and grandparents. In our life, we never realize that this little moment gives us huge happiness. But suddenly a person came into my life and he is a person who is the little happiness of my life. and that person is my little brother. 

when he came into my life it is like I feel something. it is like am his second mother because, after my mom’s delivery when she gave birth at the hospital, she became weak and for five or six I have to take care of the baby, so it is like am a second mother to him.  remembering his feeding time and making milk for him, giving massages to him, taking care of his sanitation or sanitizing him, it makes me feel like a mother. his first movement, walking, his smile, carrying him in my arm and walking around in the colony. first when he tastes the fruit juice and gives a huge smile of his happiness. and he’s the one who became the little happiness of my life. and that I realize what a motherly feeling people talked about. I bet there is no such happiness better than this and it teaches me how to become a great mother in future.