Once upon a time, there was a guy named Rohit who lived in Agra. He was a simple man who loved his work and his family. One day, in October, he went to a nearby park to take a walk. As he was walking, he saw a girl sitting on a bench, reading a book. He was struck by her beauty and couldn’t take his eyes off her. He walked towards her and asked her what she was reading. She looked up and smiled at him. Her name was Nisha.

Rohit and Nisha started talking and realized that they had a lot in common. They both loved books and movies. They had similar tastes in music and food. They spent the whole day together, talking and laughing. When it was time to go home, Rohit asked Nisha if she would like to meet him again. She said yes.

Over the next few weeks, Rohit and Nisha spent a lot of time together. They went to movies, ate at restaurants, and visited tourist spots in Agra. They fell in love with each other. Rohit realized that he had never felt this way before. He felt happy and content whenever he was with Nisha.

One day, Rohit took Nisha to the Taj Mahal. He wanted to show her the beauty of the monument at sunset. As they were walking towards the Taj, Rohit stopped and looked at Nisha. He told her that he loved her. Nisha was surprised but happy. She told him that she loved him too.

From that day on, Rohit and Nisha were inseparable. They went on many more dates and fell more in love with each other every day. Rohit realized that he had found the love of his life in Nisha. They got married the next year in October, the month when they first met. They had a beautiful wedding in Agra, with the Taj Mahal in the background.

Rohit and Nisha lived happily ever after. They continued to love each other and support each other through all the ups and downs of life. They never forgot the day when they met in October and fell in love. They knew that they were meant to be together.