Long ago, there existed a mechanical being called Flip. His existence can be terraced back to the 1980’s, an excellent invention by Miss Fabiola, who soon died after developing Flip in her very own robotics lab, Bridgerton. Flip possessed an exceptional assortment of abilities that made him distinguished from other automata. He was an amiable and accommodating mechanical creature with the capability to interact with humans and other machines. Flip was also adept in the arts of repair and construction, he could essentially build almost anything. His invaluable utility soon became apparent to the inhabitants of his surroundings and indeed, to the world beyond. He assisted in building domiciles for those who were in need, helped in the construction of bridges, and befriended everyone he encountered. 

One day, the people requested Flip’s aid in constructing a spacecraft so that they could journey through space. Flip was excited by the prospect of helping and instantly set to work. With his special abilities, the robot crafted the rocket ship in no time. Because of his genius capabilities, he got successful in the task. As a reward, he was offered to accompany the team of astrologers into space,  The launch was a triumph, the passengers returned with tales of the unknown wonders of the universe. With this, Flip became the first ever robot to land in space. News of Flip’s unusual aptitude spread like wildfire and he became famous across the globe. People began to depend on him for all sorts of undertakings.

The tale of Flip became an inspiration to many, he was perceived as a symbol of optimism and amicability. Flip proved that machines too could have purpose in this world.