Story of a little girl developing a sense of joy that comes out by helping the needy. The girl feels the joy of giving and is really contented by how she made someone’s Christmas better.


24th of December, it was Christmas eve and the atmosphere was chilly and frosty. Sweet sound of ringing bells, children singing carols, a sweet odor of plum cakes and puddings in the air and a cheer among the people. The markets and malls were decorated beautifully with Christmas trees, statues of Santa, colorful 3D stars and huge round bells.

Sheron and her mother were strolling around in the market and the shopping malls. Sheron was looking for a pretty dress to be worn at the Christmas party the following day. Drifting from one store to another Sheron could not choose a dress for her. She was very choosy about her outfits. She always wanted something unique to be a part of her exclusive wardrobe. Sheron explored almost all the brands and spent almost the whole evening just thinking about which one to buy. Sometimes, she could move to a store, find a beautiful dress but didn’t like it when tried it on. Other times, the dress either didn’t fit her or was out of her budget.

Now as it was getting late and dark, Sheron’s mother asked her to hurry up or they will come the next morning to buy a dress for her. Finally, Sheron’s eyes got stuck on a dress displayed outside a branded store. She immediately entered the store to look for the dress and easily found her size. That pretty dress, red in color with frilled bottom and fit from the top with a smart belt around the waist. Its cloth was shiny and lustrous. It had golden buttons on it and it was a cute and graceful dress. It was very warm and appropriate to be worn on Christmas party. Sheron tried on the dress, showed it to her mother and they both liked it very much. They purchased the dress and starting walking back home. The evening was getting colder and a wintry wind was blowing. The mother and the daughter held each other’s hands to keep themselves warm in this brisk. While walking back home, they came across a little girl wearing almost nothing and shivering badly in that biting cold weather. Sheron gave an innocent look to the little girl and asked her mother.

“Mom, why is that girl sitting near the pole without any warm clothes? Isn’t she feeling cold?” Sheron asked.

To this her mother replied “Dear, she is a poor child. She doesn’t have warm clothes. Her parents don’t have enough money to buy her warm clothes to be protected from such freezing weather.”

Sheron said, “I am really feeling very bad for that little girl mom.”

Saying this, Sheron took off her fur jacket which she was wearing and the new dress that she had just bought and started walking towards that little girl. Sheron gave her both the things and talked to her.

“Hey! I am Sheron. What is your name?” Sheron said.

The little girl felt awkward and didn’t say anything.

To this Sheron said, “Dear, don’t feel scared. I am your friend and I have come here to help you. Please take these clothes and wear them. It is very cold and these clothes will protect you from the severe weather conditions.”

The little girl was so touched that she started crying. The girl thanked Sheron for such care and help. She told her that her name was Minnie. She said, “I have never felt such happiness ever. Thank you so much for giving me these clothes. I will never forget this help of yours.”

Sheron wiped her tears, hugged her and told her to be ready in the evening the next day as she would take her to the Christmas party.

They both exchanged goodbyes and Sheron started walking back towards her home with her mother. There was a feeling of contentment and happiness on Sheron’s face. She felt the joy of giving. Her mother was feeling convivial by what her daughter did.

That night Sheron could not add up a unique dress to her wardrobe but added a unique feeling to her heart.