It’s a simple story of love between mother and child. How the form of love changes and how it again comes in the most lovable form? The whole story revolves around this.


Story from the Beginning…

I was just 1 second old or even less as per SI units. Maa was dying of pain there and here I was crying in the hands of doctor. Was that the connection I will be carrying out for my whole life? This was the total thought going over my small but incredible thing that’s my mind. When she was crying I was just going through a thought that, Is it necessary for me to see her in so much pain? Or can’t it be that I just move out of this place? But suddenly for a change she saw me crying and she stopped crying and asked doctor to handover me to her. As she took me in her lap, I immediately stopped crying and smiled seeing her smile. Yes, this is the connection we have got in between. I can’t see her cry. She can’t see me cry. How lovely Maa! This is one of the first and best relation I have ever got. Then, my life got usual and I started growing up and I consider my Maa as one of the World’s Best Maa. Thank You Maa. That’s what I can do for her except loving her.


Maturity Goes Up…

I was now a matured guy of about 21 years old. I was in final year of engineering and I still care for my Maa. Now, just the difference is word care had taken place of love. That really every person will hate whom he/she loves. But, not my Maa she still loves me. Care was after the word love in my Maa’s Dictionary and she kept me always on first. So, she kept loving me. Thank you Maa for all this.


4 November 2008

I love a girl from very first year of engineering but can’t express my love. Today is the day I am going to propose her. It is her birthday too. I think it will be surprise too. I propose her by the choosy and creepy lines. “Nistha, Will you accompany as a life partner to Anikshey life further to lift him up.” I can’t believe she is blushing and crying. O my God, my love wins she has agreed. We get married in a year. And that’s what love mean to me now. Then a little child mind boggles again, where is your first love? Do you even love her a little? But now, little child’s mind for me has died. Now, I am a matured person.


O my god, How can I do this?

I was madly in love with Nistha. I really forgot to care for my Maa. Love was a too far word for me. That’s why I am standing outside Fortis Hospital. Maa was in ICU. Her condition was very serious and doctor said that due to depression and tension, she is in coma. I only knew that the cause of depression and tension is me as she loves me more than anything in the world. How can I regret for this now? How can I even forget to just care for her? Love was still a better far word for me. I kept crying for continuously 3 days just sitting on the floor beside ICU.


News shocked me…

Doctor said to me that your Maa is out of coma and she is asking for you only. I go inside and regret for the mistake I have done. I keep regretting. She wake up and just say that it’s just me that let you go like this, my anikshey. I can’t say anything. I just keep feeling the warmth of hand that is moving over my head. I get asleep there. Suddenly, I wake up and nurse is saying that doctor is calling for you in his cabin. I go there. What he said just gives me a shock. He said reports received shows that Maa can’t live more than a year and said just to care for her. O my god. I can’t stop my tears now.



I was getting a call from Nistha. I was cutting her call. After calling for 14th time, I received her call and said, “Can’t u understand? I may be busy somewhere. It’s all over. You may go now.” I don’t listen a word from her side. Maa is weeping and she said, “Why are you doing so? This is wrong Beta. Say her sorry and be with her.” I keep thinking how she could forgive me so easily. How much she loves me.


After 4 months…

Maa is no more. I divorced Nistha. I know it wasn’t her mistake but even for her sake, I do that. I know I can’t love anybody anymore so I give her future back in her hands. Sorry Nistha. I am feeling suicidal. But, no I will not do that I will live for you Maa. I am lonely in the eyes of world. But, my Maa is beneath my heart and that’s enough to live. I am alone but you are my strength.

Now whom I care is my Maa not that girl rare. Love you Maa. Thank you Maa.