You have no control over whom you fall for…


We have Austin. If you want to see him alive, drop 500 million in the post box near the church. Consider this as proof.

Alex read the letter and darted her gaze up to see another guy standing in the black hoodie for approval. He squinted his eyes saying, “Pour some red ink on the sweater to scare them a little”

She nodded. Another man with a scar on his right cheek brought the sweater and poured some red ink on a white sweater with red reindeers on it. Alex stuffed everything in an envelope and gave it to him. The man with scar went away with it. She turned to the man in hoodie, “One, what to do about him? He is constantly struggling to get out of the ropes”

He yelled, “Do I have to tell you everything? Deal with it”

He stormed out of the room. She got up curling her finger around the trigger of revolver. She walked inside adjacent room. Tilting her head a little with a smile, she says, “You might be feeling cold without your sweater. Aren’t you too old for these kinds of childish ones?”

Austin was blindfolded but he smirked, “Your voice tells me you must be beautiful. And you are caring about me…this is so sweet”

She gritted her teeth. He chuckled, “How about you take off this and I see your beautiful face?”

She shot near his foot. She asked, “You think this is joke?”

He was quiet. She took off his blindfold and went out.

His vision was blur but saw her walking away. He looked at his foot and saw fired bullet there. Initially, he was thinking it might be one of the pranks that his friends played but seeing the bullet made him think otherwise. Soon his thoughts drifted to her voice. It was sweet but had a hint of arrogance in it.


“Why don’t you come out of shadows and let me see you?” Austin demanded. Alex had her hood on. She said, “How about you just shut up?”

He said, “Look these ropes are really hurting me. Just loosen them a little, please”

She stepped forward tied the ropes tighter. He laughed through pain, “Fine love, you can torture me all you want”

“How can you enjoy being kidnapped?” she asked. He said, “Oh please, you did me a favour by getting me out of there. I was so bored with my life.”

One entered hurriedly saying, “We have to move. Get him”

Alex took out her gun from back of her jeans and made Austin stand by untying the ropes in his legs. One grabbed his arm and dragged him out. She had already blindfolded him.

While walking down the stairs, he tried to get out by pushing One back but Alex shot him in his leg. He fell on floor screaming in pain. Alex pointed the gun at him saying, “You will not leave until and unless we get our money”

He yelled, “I’ll give you as much money as you want, just let me go”

One made him stand and grasped his arm tightly saying, “You’re dad will pay for you”

They climbed in a truck with Austin limping. Alex pulled him in the truck. The man with scar slid in the driving seat and One sat beside him. Alex pulled out his blindfold and passed an apple to him. His pants were soaked in blood. She grinned, “The bullet just made a scratch, nothing else”

He leaped forward saying, “You will pay for this. My dad will not leave you guys”

He saw an innocent face under the hoodie. Her small brown curls escaping from the side. She had make-up on like she wanted to look gothic but her big eyes made her look more victim than a criminal. She sneered, “Well, what worse he could possibly do? Send me to jail, have my dad’s life ruined…been there, done that”

He sat back shocked, “He did that?”

“He is not actually a saint for your kind information” she replied taking out a handkerchief from her pocket. She folded his pants up to see his wound. He screamed when she touched it. She commented, “Stop being a kid. It is not that big”

Truck drove over a speed breaker which made her fall to her side. He smiled. She rolled her eyes with a small smile saying, “It happens”

Wrapping the handkerchief on his wound, she rest back to her position. He said, “I don’t get it. You shot me first and now you are nursing me”

She kicked his leg which gave a shooting pain. She shook her head, “I am not nursing you or anything. I just don’t want to ruin the truck with blood. It is hard to get off the stains”

He laughed, “Yeah, right”

She kicked him again, “Don’t forget that it is not a vacation. You are kidnapped”

He nodded, “Yeah, I know that but let me remind you, you are not a scary kidnapper”

“Stop flirting” she warned him and turned her attention to other end of the truck.


They were in truck for a long time. She had fallen asleep even though the road was bumpy. She must be used to of this. Austin was observing her. She was not what he thought she will. His dad turned this innocent girl into a criminal. He dragged himself forward near her. A strand of hair escaping her hoodie fell on her face. He moved it behind her. She moved a little but fell back to sleep. He sighed. Yes, she was beautiful in her own way even with her heavy eye make-up.

The truck stopped. She woke up and took out her gun pointing at him, “Step down”

He replied, “Easy with the gun.”

She faked a smile as they climbed down. One came up to them saying, “You showed him your face?”

All of them had their hoodies on. She shook her head, “It was a mistake, One.”

He grabbed back of her hair which made her hurt. Austin was watching all this. His hand formed a fist, still in ropes. One warned her, “If this plan goes wrong because of your small mistakes, I will kill you”

She had tears in her but she kept them in and grabbed One’s wrist saying, “Nothing will go wrong now. I promise…at least from my side”

He let her go. The man with scar said, “If it doesn’t, we still have buyers waiting on you.”

He came forward continuing, “Those pretty big eyes are liked by many”

He was going to touch her cheek but she jerked it back saying, “I know”

She walked to Austin’s side saying, “Let’s get him in”

They grabbed each of his arm. Still limping with his bullet wound, he looked over his shoulder to see her wiping her tears and pulling her hoodie back up. Kicking the wheels of the truck, she walked in.


“They will sell you?” Austin asked. Alex was sitting with her back pressed to wall. They were waiting for One and his men to return back with money in the small chamber. Their shoulders were inches apart. Sitting in the dark room, she was playing with her revolver. He turned and saw her eyes sparkling in dark, “I can help you, you know”

She chuckled, “I don’t need anyone’s help. I have survived after my father died, I can survive on my own really well”

He started, “But…”

She had her arrogant voice again, “Your father is the reason my dad committed suicide. Your dad killed my dad and you think I’ll take your help”

He lowered his head saying, “I didn’t know that. I am sorry”

“It is your dad who should be sorry” she replied “And you keep your sympathy to yourself. I don’t need it.”

What he didn’t see was that she was crying. She never expected anyone to help her. Everyone she met had taken advantage of her. She turned away to wipe them away saying, “Shut up for a moment”

He slid next her brushing his arms with hers. When she didn’t pull away, he said, “When I get out, I’ll make sure you don’t stay in this world anymore”

She sighed. He rested his head on her shoulder, “When he said about selling you, I wanted to grab your gun and kill him. I don’t know why but I don’t want to leave this place anymore”

She said, “I hope this is not any other type of distraction for me”

He laughed, “Well, I can’t run with this love wound that you gave me”

She laughed, “Love, I don’t think I even like you”

He took her hand in his saying, “But I surely know that I like you”

She squeezed his hand. When they heard footsteps, she pulled back her hand and stood up. One said, “They played us again”

He pointed his gun at Austin saying, “Now, I just want to kill him. It had been days and still they don’t care about their son”

She interrupted, “Let’s just send another one with his real blood on it”

Taking off the handkerchief, she gave it to one of them, “Say that he was shot and if we don’t get money, we’ll kill him now”

They walked away saying, “Keep an eye on him”

Austin held her hand again saying, “I think I’ll keep an eye on you”

She laughed, “You can flirt anytime and anywhere”

He nodded, “That is my speciality”


Alex made Austin stand. He liked when she used touch him. She whispered, “You are going home. They got their money”

He smiled at her. He kissed her saying, “I’ll surely get you out”

She shrugged, “Even if you don’t, I’ll not mind”

He took her hand and kissed the back of her hand, “I will”

They heard gunshots. She grabbed her gun and soon, they were surrounded by the police. They screamed, “Put down your weapon”

She obeyed them keeping the gun on ground and put her hands behind her back. Austin made his way over to police saying, “She is not one of them. She was just trying to help me. Let her go”

He saw his parents come in from the door. He ran to hug them. When he turned, he saw One holding Alex as a shield. He shouted, “No, leave her alone”

His parents dragged him out of the room. He heard gunshots and getting out of their hold, he ran inside. One of the guards said in walkie, “All down”

He saw her lying in the middle of the room with One’s body who had died in one bullet in his head. He ran by her side, hugging her, “Hey, get up. You didn’t deserve this. I am sorry”

She smiled, “Austin, it was nice to know someone like you. By the way, my name is Alex”

He tried to laugh through tears, “I forgot we never really got to introduce ourselves”

Looking over his shoulder, he called out, “Somebody please call the ambulance. She is bleeding”

She coughed out blood. He held her more tightly, “You’ll be fine”

She smiled placing her hand on his cheek, “Hey, you are free. Just make every day worth it. I didn’t get out and I think I deserved it.”

She kissed him saying, “Bye for this life”

Her body went still. He hugged her tightly knowing that this will be his last moments with her.


Love can happen to anyone and with anyone. They didn’t know it was love or symptoms of Stockholm syndrome and they will never know now. Austin belonged to a rich family but he still had something missing in his life…A purpose. She made him realise that it is privilege to have a life because we don’t know, when this journey will end. Austin mend his ways and went from a careless boy to a responsible one helping everyone in his best possible way because he promised her that he will get her out. He helped many escape and kept his promise.