When two people are in a relationship, the bond between them not only gets a name; but also inculcate a sense of belonging to each other, a sense of love, care and responsibility towards each other. When two people marry, it’s just not that those two people are getting hitched but actually; two families, two communities et al are getting hitched. There has to be feelings of respect for each other.

We all desire for that touch, that physical touch of our partner while being with them. Some respect that touch and its purely love but for some; its purely lust. They just want to feel the woman in order to hurt her dignity.

A woman is a daughter, a mother, a sister, a wife… she plays so many roles but never demands something in return; mere respect. But why is it that even such a small demand can’t be fulfilled? Why is she the only one to suffer?

One night, while coming from office; Angel was attacked by some bike riders with acid. Why did she face it? Did she know them? No. Had she done something wrong with them? No. Irony is that on that day only, she had given a talk on women empowerment. Little did she know that her thoughts will be traumatized in such a way and that too on the day when she had taught others about women empowerment. Being a fashion designer, she never had qualms with anyone.

Her family was petrified, her mother did not know how to react, and she was stumped. Her mother thought now no one will marry her as her face was affected the most by acid; along with arms, neck. Angel but was not worried much about marriage but her career, her passion. She would always encourage models and designers to put their best foot forward and never to get demotivated. She was a source of inspiration, a role model for everyone but now, she was traumatized. She had lost all her confidence, courage and even the desire to face the world. She not only had a scar on her body, but also on her self-confidence.

The whole fashion fraternity was in deep shock. They didn’t know how to console her, but all that they knew was that Angel needed to regain her confidence in order to get back to work on her passion. They motivated her, help her come out of that dreadful night, made her meet other girls like her who regained their self-confidence and proved to be best in their respective fields. This encouraged her to the extent that she decided to come back on the ramp with acid-attack victims. She opened an NGO to help acid-attack survivors.

She started blogging, helping other girls to share their experiences with her and in return, would get a helping hand from Angel. This made Angel more and more confident. In a span of time, she was in the top 10 list of most influential people of India. She was honored with a bravery award and thus, helped many like her living their lives back to normal.