The story is about Sushma and her son Karan. Suraj is also like her son and played a crucial role at the end.    


Sushma was busy in her household works. She has to prepare breakfast for her son early in the morning. Her husband got admission in a reputed school in the city. According to her husband the child will have a bright future if he studied in that school because they will give the best coaching for the students. She agreed to his decision. But she feels sad whenever she has to wake up her son early in the morning. The school hour of her son was like that. As a mother she did not want to disturb her son because karan is just 6 years old and he has to sleep for more hours.

Sushma: karan, you have to get ready for the school. So wake up.

Karan: ma, please just 10 minutes more

Sushma: ok, I’ll come again after 10 minutes.

Sushma: Suraj (Servant) have you clean the garden area properly?

Suraj (Servant): yes, maji

Suraj, the servant of their house is just 4 years elder than karan. Initially Sushma refused to gave work for Suraj because she doesn’t want to engage him in household works and he should continue his education. But the mother of Suraj had insisted to give him work because she finds it difficult to do all the works.

Sushma also supported her servant maid’s family so Suraj is studying now in a government school. Suraj would come earlier to their home, finishes his work and would go to his school. In the evening he would come here to help Sushma. Sushma considers Suraj also like her son.

Sushma: karan, have you finished your breakfast?

Karan: yes mom.

On hearing the horn sound of his school bus karan left the last piece of bread toast and ran towards the bus. Sushma noticed this and took the plate in her hand. She also ran towards the school bus and asked karan to finish the last piece of bread toast.

Karan: mom, I don’t need this.

Sushma: no karan. You took only a piece of bread toast. But you have left the last piece of bread toast. This is not good. If you don’t eat well then you cannot concentrate in your studies. So finish this.

On seeing this, the servant Suraj had tears in his eyes.

Years Rolled On

Karan is now working in a multinational company and he is earning more. He got married earlier. He has got everything in life except a child. Yes, for the past 10 years karan and his wife have been waiting for a child. They have consulted a doctor and there is nothing wrong in their health. But still they don’t have a child.

They have consulted an astrologer. He said they have to take bath in the holy River Ganga. So karan and his wife had decided to visit Varanasi. On the day of travel Karan’s father fell ill. Couple of years ago his father had met with an accident and so he is in bed for so long. He has also been affected by Alzheimer’s disease. On seeing his condition Sushma has requested Karan to postpone the plan of visiting Varanasi. But he didn’t listen.

Karan: ma, I cannot take leave often. So I cannot miss this opportunity of visiting Varanasi. If anything went wrong with papa then Suraj is with you to take care. Then he left the home along with his wife.

In the evening the health condition of Karan’s father worsens. So Sushma called her son.

Sushma: karan, your father is not good. Try to return soon.

Karan: Ma, the astrologer has advised me to stay at least for a day in Varanasi. Then I have to take bath and should go to the temple. So I cannot come today. You have to manage by yourself.

Karan’s father: he called his wife Sushma

Sushma: please don’t worry. You will be alright.

Karan’s father: Sushma, I think I am going to die soon. Before I die,   karan should give me at least few drops of Gangajal to drink.

Sushma: she is in trouble now. Karan is in Varanasi. What she can do. She called Suraj.

Sushma: karan cannot come here now. So you have to behave like karan in front of his father.

Suraj (Servant): ma ji, how can I do this?

Sushma: he has Alzheimer’s disease. He doesn’t remember Karan’s face and will consider you as karan. He should spend his last minutes with peace. So don’t delay.

On hearing her instructions, Suraj acted like karan and gave Gangajal to Karan’s father. Within few minutes he died.

Sushma cried for hours. Suraj has informed about the demise of Karan’s father to their relative and friends. Suraj is the incharge of that house for the past few years and he knows everything.

Now Sushma thinks about her sons. Her real son karan has refused to fulfill the desire of his father. On the other hand Suraj, who started to work as a servant in their home acted like a son. Sushma thinks that Suraj is her true son as he fulfills the desire of her husband.

The Next Day Morning

On hearing the demise of his father, karan reached their home. He did not feel guilty. But he was relived from paying the medical bills of his father. Karan already expected the death of his father. He had consulted with several doctors in the city and they all said the same thing that his father is counting his days.

After 12 Days

Sushma: karan, I am going to Varanasi today.

Karan: ma, how will you go? I didn’t arrange for the tickets.

Sushma: you don’t worry karan. Suraj has arranged for the tickets.

Karan: ma, money?

Sushma: smiled, I have enough money.

Karan: how will you manage alone there in Varanasi?

Sushma: Suraj also coming with me.

Karan: why are you going now?

Sushma: Karan, I need peace of mind.

Karan: ma, you will get peace of mind here also. You can go and worship the nearby temples.

Sushma: I want to pray god and should request him to forgive the sins committed by you.

Karan: ma, what sins?

Sushma: I have requested you to postpone the trip when your father is critical. You have not listened to my words. Fulfilling the desire of your father should be your priority than visiting the temple. But you have not done that. So I thought I can visit the temple and pray for your well being. Parents always love their child even though they commit mistakes. I hope god will forgive your sins. Karan, you need not to worry about me. My second son Suraj is with me.

Karan: for the first time in life karan feels guilty.