Olivia’s boyfriend goes missing.Her twin sister helps her find what actually happened.


“I said in London, Watson, and I say it again now, that never yet we helped to hunt down a more dangerous man than he who is lying yonder”- he swept his long arm…

Rachel’s “The Hound of the Baskervilles” copy was snatched by her twin sister Olivia who was pissed off by her curiosity towards MYSTERIES.

“When will you stop being a psychopath Rachel? Come-on lets go shopping. I don’t have any new clothes left for Andrew’s party tomorrow evening.” insisted Olivia with an innocent look on her spotless, thin face.

“What is wrong with you? I was on such an interesting page. Now go and get ready as you are the one obsessed with your looks. I will be ready in 5 minutes and then I will complete my novel till we finally leave. “Said Rachel and shifted back to her engrossing novel.

The twins looked the prettiest in Andrew’s party next evening. Andrew, Olivia’s boyfriend was the son of a multi-millionaire. He was nowhere to be seen that evening. Olivia tried calling him again and again but no answer from him worried everybody.

The entire place which was meant to be full of life turned into a place full of anxiety and agitation. Everybody began a search for Andrew but all they got was empty rooms with nobody to be seen. A police complaint was lodged and the party which never began ended on a tensed note.

The two sisters went back to their home where they lived alone as their parents stayed in the countryside. Rachel was consoling her sister who was crying like a baby on Andrew’s missing. Olivia went to the washroom when a scream diverted her attention. Olivia realised that the voice was familiar to her. It was Rachel’s scream. She ran towards the room where the voice came from. A chill ran down through her spine when Andrew’s lifeless body with blood stains was found in her room’s cupboard.

They immediately called the police and the house was sealed. The dead body was sent for post mortem and one of the policeman said that he was brutally murdered by a sharp object slicing his throat. The same man asked the two to come with them for interrogation.

Rachel and Olivia perplexed by the situation went with them. They both were questioned and came out clean but Olivia’s finger prints on the knife were enough for her to be the prime suspect.

Olivia depressed about the happening was arrested as the prime suspect in Andrew’s murder.

“I have not done anything. I am innocent, sir. I loved him. How could I kill him? I have no idea what is happening. ” Cried Olivia who was trying hard to prove herself not guilty.

Rachel, who had just lost her sister to a crime she knew was not committed by Olive was searching for the ways to help her out. She talked to the top most lawyers but no one was ready to take up he case. Dismayed by the responses, she made a decision to fight for her own sister.

She began to search the contacts Andrew talked to except Olivia. She took out the contact details but found nothing much except his business deals, Food orders and family numbers.

The next step was going to Andrew’s house to investigate. She went there and searched each and every drawer, every cupboard thoroughly but nothing helped her. All of a sudden a book fell from her hands while going through the book shelf. It had a piece of paper with a number written on it.

She instantly called on that number but it was switched off. She went on to enquire about the number and found out that number belonged to a supermarket in a nearby city. Confronting a disappointment again she went back to her bed, struggling with her thoughts.

Next morning, a sleep deprived Rachel received a call.

“I can help you! I know who killed Andrew.”

Stunned by what she just heard Rachel queried “Hello! Who is speaking?”

“Meet me at Barista Cafe at 12 noon today.” And the call was disconnected. She tried calling that number again but it was switched off.

Rachel hurried up with all the documents to the cafe where she might get a solution. She waited for about half an hour when a boy of the same age as Rachel came by and sat at the table where she was waiting.

“I have seen you somewhere! I don’t remember where but yes I have seen you somewhere! ”pondered Rachel at the thought of reconciling her memory.

“At Andrew’s party. I was there that night. “Replied Peter with an obvious look on his tanned face.

“YES..!! Now I remember…How do you know Andrew? How can you help me?”Asked Rachel her eyes filled with hope.

“I and Andrew met at a party with my girlfriend Cecelia. We became good friends and partied a lot together.” answered Peter making things clear.

“Okay! How could you help me?”Asked Rachel inquisitively.

“I know who killed Andrew and left that body at your place. “Peter replied in a whispering voice.

“Who did that?”Questioned Rachel with curiosity.

“MY GIRLFRIEND CECILIA “responded Peter with a sad look on his face.

“What? And why are you telling me that in case it’s true?”Enquired Rachel with lines on her forehead going deep.

“That is a long story. She has left the city and went back to where she worked in a supermarket. “Sighed Peter at the thought of betrayal.


“Yup.But where did you get that from? Ohh Andrew obviously. You knew about them, no?”

“What are you talking about?”Rachel’s pitch got loud.

Peter began to clear out what actually happened.

“Cecelia and Andrew were dating each other. They kept it a secret. She dint even tell me. She was not there at the party when Andrew went missing. I would have never got to know the truth if I had not read their chats the very next morning. Olivia and I were betrayed by both of them. They both were at Andrew’s farmhouse that night when Cecilia asked for a share in Andrew’s property. Andrew refused to do that and wanted to leave her. She is a Psycho. She has been going through mental treatment since years and I knew nothing about that. That night changed my life forever. She would have killed me too but I was not as rich as Andrew. She blackmailed him that she would tell this to me and Olivia. Andrew out of terror went to call the police but that was too late. Rest is all known to you. ”

Rachel finally solved a mystery. Cecilia was arrested and Olivia finally took a breath of relief at her home with her sister.

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