Let us go on a journey to one of the most beautiful mountains in the world and embrace their beauty before they vanish.


Where are the singing hills?

‘Being on Himalayas is sublime and serene,

An unforgettable experience you can only dream.’


It was a pleasant drive, on a smooth road, quite unusual for roads at a height of 6000 ft.  Sun was visible rising from the horizon awakening the valley beneath.

Rays were peeping from the window now and then, at times blocked by the huge trees passing by.

Ever thought how refreshing sunlight could be? No, not the hazy sunlight of the cities, but that in a forest.

IT FEELS ALIVE. It was alive there. A gentle warmth, neither too flaming, nor too smudged, making everything its passing through come back to life.

A chain of mountains was moving along. I opened the window soaking in the view.

Wow, its real. Looks more like a portrait, I thought.

I ran out of the car and welcomed the scene with open arms.

It was a healing sight.

You could live there, spend your whole life in a place like it, never even creating a desire to see the rest of the world.

It was the sight of a morning in a Himalayan valley.  Alaknanda was fueled with energy, spreading its silver waters wide in the valley below. Such is the charisma of this river, the surroundings vibrate with its torrent, recognizing its presence.

Originating from the Satopanth Glacier, travelling through hidden valleys, after an arduous journey, this river was telling a legend of its own. It was on a journey of truth as the name Satopanth suggests.

But the wind was not fearful of the mighty river. Gentle it was, but powerful enough to enthrall the place with its forest fragrance.

Deodar trees were in their tender green. In Himalayas they are called the trees of Gods and they sing with the river, echoing the rustle of their leaves from the top of the hills.

I started walking by the road, on a carpet of bluish green leaves.

Nature was singing. It was a refreshing sound. Temple bells were ringing in the valley now and then accompanied by the melody of Himalayan quail.

Each moment was miraculously being displayed by nature with a burst of colors and a range of sounds.

Two little eyes and two tiny ears were just not enough to absorb this divinity. It was to be seen through a clear mind.

I closed my eyes taking the music within.

I was about to murmur a song, singing along, when a blaring honk of a car interrupted my thoughts.

Suddenly eyes opened to reality. I woke up coming back from a deep sleep leaving the beautiful dream behind.

The eyes surveyed around hoping to see what I dreamt.

All they could find was a huge dam and a silent valley. Gone were the singing hills.