It’s a small story about how much she loved rains and how he fell for a girl dancing in rain.


I was standing on our terrace, staring at the unnaturally dark sky covered with dark clouds, warning to burst out anytime soon. A cool breeze blew caressing my face. I closed my eyes , fully enjoying it. The wind disturbed a few locks of my hair, which dangled my face gently rubbing against my cheeks. A faint smile crept on my lips as as a few tiny raindrops embraced my face.

There’s such a beauty in the rain. The music of the rain refreshes and revivifies everything. And it’s smell! rain’s smell is an unforgettable feeling. The epitome of Drops smells has a mystic influence on a person’s sensations. It prevails an elusive and fascinating effect upon the body who is really attached to it for delightness. Rain causes a plethora of emotions in its various forms, and probably brings buried memories into our imaginations. Rain has something magical, something special in it.

My hands involuntarily stretched themselves out to feel those little droplets of water on my soft skin. I felt like dancing with puddles around my feet. My fingers trifled the pouring drops and allured my senses into spring awakening. I twirled and spinned blissfully trying to embrace the soft drizzling rain drops. Oh god nothing could be so calm and beautiful, it was a pleasant and serene feeling. I jumped and danced enjoying the moment to the fullest. Rains always has this kind of effect on me. It always brings out the kid in me.


Confused Well, that’s what I find myself in these days. Confused on what is happening to me? Confused on why is this happening? Confused on how to deal with it? Confused on everything.

Weird? Yes it is

Sometimes it’s just hard to deny certain factors. But, I don’t know what I’m trying to deny. I just can’t put in words what I feel. I don’t know what’s going on in this fist sized muscle of mine.

Everytime I close my eyes all I can is her dancing in rain. Her wet hair hugging her body like a long lost friend, the ice-cold crystal droplets clinging to her frosty skin, her pretty white dress clung to her hourglass figure.

Those coal black orbs shining with happiness, that musical laughter, those peony pink lips forming a beautiful curve, her heavy eyelashes those pink stained cheeks and that cute little button nose everything about her is just so mesmerising.


I’m thinking about her again.

Argh……I have gone nuts I need a psychiatrist yes I NEED A PSYCHIATRIST!

I don’t know anything about her not even her name. I barely saw her for two minutes that day but it was enough for me to go mad for her.

I was never fond of rain, the monsoons and the sticky weather during the summer months never pleased me. Wetting my feet in the dirty puddle water was inconceivable to me; paper boats- never! Dancing and playing in the rain-A big No! By now you might have understood I hate rains Well hate might not be the correct word, but still I preferred staying inside but look at me now I’m yet staring at the sky hoping that It will rain and I will see her again.