I reached for my headphones that i didn’t turn off last night. “Oh what a wonderful world” the song flashed on my phone’s screen. I forgot to disconnect them from my phone last night and they had been playing music all night. It was 5:00 a.m, as i pulled the curtains and squinted my eyes. On that particular day i had no mood to do anything. I was scrutinizing all my life decisions and wondering what else could i have done. Alas overthinking doesn’t pay well so i had to get ready for the job. I reached before time as usual. I sat in a corner lost in my thoughts wondering how are my friends doing. Most of them work for MNCs and here i am. A local school teacher with no ambition in life. I was an average student and didn’t develop any interest in anything else per say, almost failed at everything in life. I heared a knock on the door and there was kritik. Kritik is a shy boy with a natural intellect. Though the boy can’t afford to study, his parents are working day and night to make the ends meet. His father looked happy as he enters the class. Ma’am i am extremely grateful to you, you insipre kritik so much he said while busting with joy. Preplexed as what i have done i asked but “what did i do Mr. Singh”. “Ma’am kritik scored 100/100 in physics, he has improved a lot since you have started teaching him”he said with a grinning face. “He wants to be a school teacher like you”. As i heared those words i felt a sensation in my body. I couldn’t figure what it was but all i could say was a thank-you. They left and i was again alone in the room. I looked through the window and saw young children walking towards school. All this time i was just doing my job with little to no motivation. I insipred Kirtik in a way i wasn’t even aware of. My thoughts came to a halt. I realised the missing part of the puzzle, it was me all along. I had lost the sense of reality as i was drowning in my thoughts everyday of working somewhere big and making somewhere big. All this time i belonged here, teaching young kids. Making big impacts from a small place. The realisation soon filled my body with pride. The whole day I worked with enthusiasm that even the head master looked suprised. Though he liked it, he was confused. At last i attended all children and finally packed my bag to leave. It was almost evening, with the glorious golden hour. I put on my headphones again and “oh what a wonderful world” flashed on my phone screen.



    This is an amazing story. In the first part of the story, it is clear that the teacher is unhappy with her job at the local school and she had no motivation to do it. She felt that her friends had a better place to work in, the MNCs. Now there is a turn in the story where a parent of a child approaches her and thanks her for motivating and inspiring his son, which further resulted in the score of the student and he scored 100/100. This situation has played an important role in the teacher’s life and made her realise that she belonged to the school as a teacher and without her knowing she has inspired many students and improved their life. She is now happy and grateful.

    MORAL: We should always be gentle to ourselves and not overthink.