You stand at the bottom of the stairs,

staring at the landing on the end. You

nervously take in all the shadows stretching

from the beginning of the staircase till its

far end. 

You fell a deep sense of fear pool in your

gut and scold yourself for the horrible

decision of watching late night horror

movies with friends.

You have to reach the top of the stairs to

get to your apartment. So, you give yourself

a pep talk that all supernatural whatnots

are simply figments of imagination and

don’t exist in reality.

But there is still a pesky little voice in the

back of your head which taunts you, “what

if they really do exist?”.

Trying to ignore it, you determinedly take

your first step. Your legs feel like they have

turned slightly numb. But you continue to

climb up, even if your heart feels heavy

against your chest due to fear of evil ghosts

and your legs become increasingly frozen.

Your mind takes the liberty to supply your

head with the images of literally every

horror or creepy story you ever read. The

nearer you are to your destination, the

more you feel like there is a presence

lurking at the top of the stairs.

You want to magically teleport yourself to

your apartment, but you know that it is

impossible. You muster up all the courage

you can and as soon as you reach the end

of the stairs, you sprint to your apartment

and ring the bell.

Seconds tick by, and with each passing

second, it feels that the presence you felt is

right behind you. Your blood runs cold. You

cant take the fear anymore and turn

around, only to see an empty space behind

you. That is the moment when your mother

opens the door and scares the daylights

out of you. Then you take a few seconds to

register what just happened and finally

enter your apartment. You return to a

normal state soon and chide yourself for

being so afraid over nothing.

Author’s note- This story aims to describe

how one feels while climbing up stairs with

no lights on after watching a horror movie.Spooky