Once upon a time there was a girl named Soni. She used to be very upset with herself because she was ill because there was no cure for her illness and she used to think that Why don’t look as good as others because of that disease their is so many black spots on her body. Once upon a time Soni was looking for a walk and she saw a man passing by who did not even have a hand but the man was looking very happy. Soni went to him and gave the man a little sympathy list. The man understood that she would come to sympathize because of my hand. The man said, Daughter I have understood that you are explaining me so much becausewe of my hand, otherwise nowadays it is no time that someone talk with stranger.Many talks happened between that Soni and when old man came to know that the girl is upset because of her illness. old man explained to the girl that daughter no one is perfact in this world. Everyone has his own sorrow, Someone’s hand is not there and even eyes,leg but still they are living their lives. We should never waste our life thinking about how we are and how we haven’t been because we are so good.

Soni got a lot of things from these words of old man and she thought why she does so much wrong? I had wasted my life by thinking and this made Soni think that after today she will also give up her life with happyness whatever happens, she will never give up. Our life is so precious that think now soni understand .Soni yesterday, looking at others, used to think that she is not perfect. Today she shows wealth by looking at others and thinks that yes at least my pain is less. 

Moral :- Our pain is less then others so domt.compare our lives with others.We are also perfact