Aanaisha, a young aspiring writer, spent her days in her room full of thoughts and imagination scribbling down ideas to make her own story to be a writer who saves the world through the simple beautiful words of literature. 

She was sitting cross-legged scribbling down ideas trying to come up with her characters and stories. She sighed thinking about how could she put her imagination into words. Through the open window the wind entered gracefully pleasing her to take a nap after repeated tries of brainstorming. Suddenly a black cat enters through the open window with a key around it’s neck. Aanaisha gets up from the floor and picks it up tilting her head sideways. The golden key with three small emerald gem sparkles in the afternoon light grabbing her attention to it.  She furrowed her eyebrows wondering why would a cat have such a unique key around its neck. 

As soon as she touches the key,  Aanaisha gets pulled inside the key. 


The girl adorned with a golden key tied around her neck, a symbol of immense power bestowed upon her. She was the Chosen one entrusted with the responsibility to safeguard and secure the world from submerging into water. 

Her purpose is to unlock the secrets of nature and unravel the reason behind the watery choas. 

Aanaisha’s story begins when the magnificent golden key slips from her grasp vanishing into unknown abyss ensuing chaos in the waters. The once tranquil rivers and oceans swelled into raging storms unleashing the wrath on the land of people. How will she restore the order of nature without the golden key in her hand? 

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