Let me tell you the untold story of young Miss Gini and then you will surpringly know, why kids are affraid of barbers. This story concerns a sweet little child who went to a local barber shop, to get her hair cut done. The barber’s shop had broken windows, half bent dusty door, faded sign board and no lights. Located at the farthest corner of the lane, the shop was unusually a deserted place. Other town kids were all messy haired because noone wanted to risk entering the spooky barber shop. But eventually Gini was tricked and ended up in the same saloon and lost her beautiful locks once and for all.

It was the month of november when Gini’s family moved to a small town in Ohio, a midwestern state in the great lake region of United States. Gini found the town uninteresting and the kids rather shabby. On the contrary when Gini came to the town her stunning beauty was appreciated by everyone and people were very excited to have her in their neighborhood. Although her facial features were just like any other kid in the locality but what actually stood out in her looks and captured everybody’s attention was her dense and long golden strands of hair, falling down to her calves when tied in box fishtail braid. Those beautiful hair were never cut short and were about to touch the ground. And this was the prominent feature of her beauty that would make any girl around feel jealous from her. So She was unable to make friends around her new home.

One day Gini could not sleep at night so she got up, sliding her tiny toes out of her warm rosy blanket her feet landed into a pair of fluffy pink slipplers, she started walking to look for her mother. She searched in the bedroom and in the kitchen but her mother was nowhere in the house and when she reached the entrance hall, she heard her parent’s voice. As she was about to open the door Gini heard her mother sobbing. She stood by the door to hear them talk. Her parents were discussing about the family’s hardships and how they are unable to repay their debts. Her mother was upset for not being able to care for their daughter’s hair anymore as they don’t have much money left. Poor Gini went back to her bed feeling bad for her parent’s condition.

Next morning Gini kissed her mother wishing good morning and ate her food without tantrums. And then went out to play with children she disliked otherwise. All of a sudden, seeing this transformation surprised her mother and father but they were very happy about this positive change and continued with their days work.

When Gini reached the playground, she quickly started inquiring about local barber shops. Then one naughty looking neighborhood boy seemingly came forward to help. But all he wanted was to pull a prank on her. He pointed his finger to the same secluded old barbers shop and told her, “that saloon guy is the best barber around, he will also give you a chocolate for getting your haircutdone from him” .

Unaware of an approaching catastrophe, Gini entered the deserted looking saloon. Then a candel was ignited at a distance and a tall thin man appeared. He started walking towards her and Gini was able to see his reflection in the mirror in front of where she was standing, which was even spookier. Soon cold winds stareted blowing and slapped the entrance door shut behind her. The little girl was scared for her life but remembered her mother’s sad tears from last night she soon regained her courage and when directed by the barber to have her sear she followed him step by step.

Barber left the scene leaving the girl alone for a while, in the dark dead silence. Few minutes later he appeared again with 3 sizes of scissors. His hands rushed into the girls hair which were silkier smooth to touch. And in an instant he decided on which haircut to choose for her. First he touched the bottom of her long hair with the smallest blade but it seemed not right for her length. Then he placed one size bigger blade at the mid length, again he seemed dissatisfied. At last he took the one with giant blades and as he seemed like adjusting his scissors on an angle around her locks, he placed his blades closest to the top of her braid and chopped them all in one straight motion. She asked for her hair back but the barber was gone. Gini started crying, She was frightened and heartbroken to loose most prized possession, her hair, forever.

That day, weather unexpectedly deteriorated and a crowd of deep dark clouds hung upon the sky. Meanwhile her parents also started searching for her everywhere. They inquired every kid present but no other than one boy came forward. It was the one who tricked Gini and was too frightened for what he had done. Horrified her parents rushed to the barbers shop. They searched every corner of the shop but neither barber nor the girls long beautiful hair were found any where. Later she told her mother that she wanted to help them to cop with their expenses but the evil barber stole all her tresses and ran away.

On the corners of her badly chopped hair her naked neck was visible. This made her feel very concious to walk out of the shop. When people of the town came to know this story they mourned the loss of poor little Gini with silent tears. As she kept on growing her hair never grew back again.

Like an urban legend the story spread to the nearby towns and children in far off places started fearing barber shops. All the kids were too affraid that in that town even till today children cringe inside at the sight of a pair of scissors.