Zara was ebullient and optimistic women. She have a magnanimous personality. She was unerring in her own , until she met Tej. Biggest disaster of her life . He completely destroyed her. They met in a coffee shop , they like each other’s company. They start meeting regularly and fall in love after few weeks Tej proposed Zara . She was on the ninth cloud , everything seems perfect . He was her Mr. Perfect, that she always wanted . She imagined her whole life with him marriage, kids everything. She was very comfortable with him . Then suddenly Tej start avoiding Zara , he decline her calls , not replying to her messages .  She came to know that Tej shifted to another city and he don’t want to be with her. She was completely broken, she tried to call him but he never answered. She don’t understand that why this happened , what was her mistake.  Day by day she became belligerent   and sometimes she just  appease . She leveraging herself for this separation. 

It’s been two year she keeps trying to enumerate her chaotic life . She gave up on love , attachment even she scared of love . Moving on was not easy for her , she still felt for him .         One day she met Veer in the book store , who is just like her .  He overlove , overfeels and broken   only difference between them was ‘Hope’.    Veer completely trust the universe, that everything happens for a reason  and will definitely find someone like him. With Veer , Zara started healing . Veer becomes an antidote for her broken heart , she start falling again .          But she don’t want to accept that feeling , she was still scared of love.

It takes a lot to heal a broken heart , but it takes even more to trust , that it won’t broke again .       But this time Veer was there for her, he made her realise she deserved to be loved, to be valued . Now she don’t need any validation , she accepted herself  and gave another chance to herself .  They concoct a beautiful life together and live happily ever after .