A dark ,rainy and suspicious night time in a house at a countryside .The rain was intentionally falling
drop by drop from the cloud- cladded sky, decorated with dotted white pearls; over to a bus stop which had a light on its top right side, that kept on blinking every 10 seconds. The spiders had well-exhibited  their hard work on the roof of it, which came down in a sense of rhythm through the four rectangular  poles, which were supporting the bus stop to stand upright on that wet muddy ground. It was sending a  vibe of a horror movie shooting location, which made me feel chilled within my mind. I was describing  it very poetically as if I have never seen it before.My mind was hesitant to concentrate on preparing for  tomorrow’s test. 

The time was exactly 7:58 p.m. I was still sitting in the verandah, excavating the new sites in that  bus stop that no one have ever attempted to discover . While I was carrying on with my work, suddenly a person  came  walking towards the bus stop  who caught my vision altogether.He stood there looking onto his right  side watching the vehicles moving on the road. He was looking like a detective ;wearing a black hat on his head with a black mask over his face ; and a  black overcoat which touched but not touched the mud-covered surface . For completing the process of concealing his already unrevealed identity, a black cooling glass was also worn. 

I looked to his feet .He wore long brown  boots . He wore black gloves on his hands.His face and flair were completely hidden from others. 

‘Mm, maybe, he have some hidden intentions for staying there in such a time when all the buses have
went away. But why is he hiding himself ? ‘ 

I was trying to find out the answer . I was very sincere to find an answer for this than I was for finding
the answers for the problems in the maths book. I started to walk towards him voluntarily .But suddenly my mind started asking so  many questions which made me walk the same distance backwards.  

‘Was he alone because he doesn’t have anywhere to go or is it because he was a criminal going to commit
a crime?’ 

My heart was beating rapidly as I approached him. I didn’t know what to do. I thought about it for a few moments back and forth.

The rain stopped gradually in a smooth,falling rhythm which helped me to gather some courage to fight with my
adrenaline and started to walk towards him ; but surprisingly, he glanced at me without turning his face  anywhere. It horribly terrified me.His eyes were not visible.I was not sure about where he was looking .  

Anyways, I went back to my platform again.
 I pretended like going inside and planned to watch his actions through the window on the right side from  the ground floor of my house.I waited there for a few minutes, sipping water from a cup in front of me. Then  out of the blue, a ball came rolling to the middle of the road in a slow pace as if it was exhausted from rolling for long   . And for the second time, Isaw him moving. He moved two steps forward to reach the side of  the road . I was getting furious and worried for the kid and I stepped out to hide near the doorway. I  took my phone too to call the police if anything happens.The man walked towards the kid who was  coming towards the ball through the footpath. He suddenly took the ball and threw it to the same side where the he was standing until now. The kid took the ball while a truck passed through the road. The child looked at the truck and then to his face, gifted a smile to that hidden, dark face and  walked towards him. Then he walked away with that kid  from there .

I was stumped and  perplexed.

‘What the heck? Is it the purpose for what he came? Just for this kid who was playing with the ball?!’ I
gathered all my courage again and this time, decided to follow him at any cost.When we reached a place  filled with silence of the street, I stopped. 

‘Stop there! Why did you come in this night time? Where are you taking her to? Leave her or else I will
call the police.’ 

‘I will not leave her.’

‘Why? What did she do to you?’

‘She is everything for me, she is my daughter.’

I was amazed and paused for a moment.

‘Why have you dressed up in a strange manner?Who will believe that it is your kid?’

Ask her.

I moved towards her and stood on my knees.

‘Hey, sweetheart.Can you tell me who this is?’

‘My mother.’


It was a woman.I could not even figure out that much.

‘Why is your mother covering her face like this?’

The girl was silent.

After a moment of thought, she decided to reveal herself.For that, she unmasked herself.


I screamed while I saw her face suddenly.The right cheek bones were clearly visible with dark red, burnt
skin with black patches here and there, all over her face.Her eye balls had bulged out with nerves  projecting outside.Her lips were like burnt paper.I squatted to the floor with my mouth covered with  both of the hands. 

‘This is why I covered myself.My whole body was burnt during a fire accident,not an accident, it was one chapter from my life which was written by my husband. I am scared of showing this to my daughter as well. But she is now used to  it.  And even my little sweet heart burnt her hand in a hurry to save me. We had a narrow escape from  that unfortunate event.’ 

I felt ashamed of myself for doubting her and bowed my head.

‘I am so sorry.I—‘

‘No need of sorry.Please think about others and listen to what they want to say ,before doubting them
or giving remarks or making judgements; and gossiping as well. That’s all.’

She masked herself again to cover her reality from the eyes of the outer world and walked away, holding the right hand
of her ‘sweet heart’. I forgot to ask her name. She turned towards me and waved her hands.I lifted my  hands to wave at her. Seeing her innocent smile, tears rolled down from my eyes. My hands seemed  heavy for me to  lift. I helplessly looked at her blue-coloured eyes, twinkling like a little star in the  dark sky of her mother.