As the stars shine brightly in the sky, a little girl kept pondering her thoughts while admiring its beauty. She wished that she would have been born as a star so that she would have been loved by everyone. As she kept dwelling on her thoughts, her mom called out to her, “Nakshu, come let’s have dinner”. The call disturbed her thoughts and she left silently. She was running around her mother to grab her attention. Her mother silenced her and ordered her to sit down quietly. She sat down with her sister who is four years elder than her. She softly touched her hands and whispered ‘Kitty’. The silence was the sister’s reply.

She realized that her sister is still angry with her and their fight is yet unresolved. She went closer to her and thrashed a paper scribbled down with the five-letter magical word, “Sorry”. As Nakshu kept pestering her, her sister just ignored her. She tickled her sister and laughter busted out, resolving their unarmed battle. They just simply forgot about their fight when their mother brought them dinner. They dined together as a family. Rather than the dishes, the family’s togetherness made their tummies and heart full. It was always their habit rather than a custom to dine as a family. After their dinner, the sister helped her mother in the kitchen while the little one was playing with her father. After they winded up their work, they went to bed early.

The next morning when the birds are chirping and nature was in its overwhelmed state, wished Good Morning to Nakshu. She woke up and went straight into the kitchen wished her mother with a bright smile. She was looking at the time which was not as brisk as she is. She wanted her time to speed up as it was her first day in school. She was eager to look up into her new state of surroundings. She wanted to boast of having friends just like her sister did. Her sister was an inspiration to her in whatever she did. She learned everything from her and she meant everything to her. She took her sister as her guide, role model, polestar, best friend, her next mother, and indeed her world. Her sister loved Nakshu with her warm heart but she wasn’t expressive just like Nakshu. This created chaos between them and every time the inner turmoil occurred.

The fight occurred always because of love and nothing more. Nakshu wanted her sister to play with her, laugh, and study with her. She always yearned for her love and care. As she went to her first day of school, she was jumping out inside herself. She always dreamt of having surrounded by friends and everyone whom she loved and her love was reciprocated. As she kept going to school she understood that she wanted her sister’s attention more. She wanted to spend every minute with her and she was irreplaceable.  She only needed her side and not her friends. As days passed by they grew up together but Nakshu’s childishness never separated from her.  She felt a kind of possessiveness. She was fighting with her not because she hated her but loved her more and more.

She called her out to play with her but she didn’t understand that they were growing apart from each other as they aged more. When Kitty finished her schooling, she was just beginning her secondary school education. As one of them stepped into the next stages of their life, the other one just stepped out of it. The age gap was a major factor in their growing stages. As Kitty entered her college life, it was as if she got her circle larger and she was much more experienced. The different stages in their lives created their differences in opinions. As Kitty finally got her job,  there was less time spent together and their understanding level grew apart. Nakshu did everything to please her sister. Kitty was more practical than emotional. Nakshu didn’t understand this. As she kept on showing her love she got more frustrated. She thought she was only on the giving side and not on the receiver’s end.

As Kitty finally got her soulmate, Nakshu was eventually left alone. Nakshu surprised Kitty with all her gifts. Nakshu didn’t understand one thing from the beginning. She expected everyone to be just like her. But life taught her that everybody is different in their ways of expressing their love. To put it in simple words, Kitty always loved her from her side. She wasn’t that expressive like Nakshu, but that created a big difference. She was also at the receiving end but it wasn’t visible to Nakshu because of her expectancy and immaturity. Will she eventually learn to let go and understand the true meaning of life? Will she be able to understand others’ opinions and respect others’ decisions? One answer to the unsolved mystery is to put yourself before others. Because self-love is the best love one can ever give and receive. Love isn’t to be forced it eventually blossoms from the inner self.