If you met me now you would not recoganise me, I keep my hair long and my head up always, i speak my mind and leave nothing unsaid, i talk back now, i let the words leave the weight from my chest and make a way out, I read books now, you would be surprise to see how many i have read till now, i write poems and paint my heart out, endless number books, poems and paintings has taken a place at the same spot were all your thoughts used to settle, If we met on our usual spot i would not sit quiet being afraid to be judged by you, i would ask questions and clear my doubts, if you shout at me for expressing my feelings i would have shouted back, i would shut you down and never let back you in, i would not let you disrespect me like that If you met me now i wouldn’t accept your calls and reply to your text in the morning after you blame your words on cheap liquor you had last night If i see you someday i would not stop to say a “hello” to you, i know you’ll turn back and expect me to do that but that me is long gone, i don’t beg for anyone’s presence anymore, i laugh,i dance, i make friends, i go on dates and always speak my heart out .

Oh! You’ll die to know me now.


  1. Tanishka Pathak

    “I am not who you met before” is a captivating poem that encapsulates the strength and resilience of personal growth. It celebrates the transformative power of self-discovery, asserting the importance of self-expression and standing up for one’s values. The poem effectively conveys a strong message of empowerment, leaving the reader longing to know more about this remarkable individual who has embarked on such a profound journey of self-transformation.