Why does this one day takes it so long to arrive? Anyway today is that auspicious day which rather took it so long to arrive, but finally did happen to come.

I would have never thought that at any point of my life I would be feeling this cheerful of visiting Tihar. Tihar is one of the largest prison complexes of south asia. It takes almost 40 minutes from JNU hostel complex to Tihar. These 40 minutes are always very restless for me. The night prior to the meeting day is always sleepless. He grooms himself very nicely on our meetings, properly bathed, hair nicely done, nails cut. I have hated long nails all my life and he used to grow his nails intentionally to irritate me. I want those days to come back. In fact, one day I even gave him idea that he may irritate me like he used to but all I got was a smile in reply. Sometimes such smiles do frustrate me. But I know that tough times shall pass soon. 

It’s been three years since he was booked under the unlawful activities prevention act (UAPA). The anti-caa protests were happening in the country at that time. We were also the part of these protests. Protests were cheerful, full of revolutionary colours. He got detained and eventually arrested and booked under UAPA along with various revolutionary leaders.

Our meetings are always full of joy. We cannot hold hands because we speak through the wall of glass. But these meetings are which keep us alive. They give us a positive ray. These meetings are like the colourful rainbow among the notorious grey clouds.