I am a Portuguese. I’m 22 years old and have a younger brother who is 20 years old. I live with my friends in my summer house and during vacations I visit my parents’ house. Currently I’m doing my studies in the field of Psychology . Being in this field my passion is reading books and meeting new people . I sometimes read 6 books everyday of 600 pages each! That’s a lot of patience isn’t it? But to become a good Psychologist I have to keep my brains busy in reading . As Portugal is in Europe I have visited many countries of Europe like Austria,Germany,France etc. We can go anywhere in Europe without a visa which is amazing.

So there’s a very interesting story about myself in India. When we Europeans hear the word India we think about the vast culture that India has. I knew that I have to be mentally prepared for some amazing things to see in India and at the same time some horrible things too. My parents have visited India 10 time till now. The loved this country so much that they visited almost all the parts of the country one by one . So I got the motivation from my parents to visit this great country and I finally planned to visit it. But I did’nt want to visit it alone so one of my friends became ready to tag along with me. Our visas and everything was done and we finally flew to India.

When Europeans think about India they usually think that it’s really hot there and my expectation was the same. When we finally landed on Mumbai airport we realised it’s really damn hot here but it was almost the end of the summer . So monsoons were about to start and this dream city Mumbai has its specialty during the Monsoons . Mumbai is one of those cities in this country where people come and try to make some money being the financial capital of India. I was really excited to try all the street food which is the most loved thing of the people here. We went to our hotel which was close to Colaba .

The first day was obviously the rest day as we both were really tired of the flight. On the very next day me and my partner got up at 10 am and decided to go out and explore the city with our guide. Now the first good thing the guide told us was that we were going to see Arabian see on marine drive and on the very next minute he told us to be ready to listen to all the horns and noise of vehicles and traffic. In portugal you’ll hardly hear any vehicle constantly giving a horn but here in India the roads belong to people and they are truly using the freedom completely.  The streets were constantly buzzing with the hot sun above it was time to chill out at marine drive and watch the beautiful Arabian sea. Our guide told us a very sad fact about this area . Mumbai was under a terrorist attack and Marine drive was the place where a police man sacrificed his life to catch a terrorist alive.  Also the Taj hotel was under attack . This news was very bad for the whole nation and left several damages in the hearts of its citizens.

In the afternoon we went to a beach and prepared ourselves to try some of the well known foods here.  The most loved food in Mumbai is Pani Puri which is watery bread in English and the second one is Bada Pav which is like a local burger but is entirely different from a burger. Me and my friend really loved these dishes but as we are not familiar with spicy stuffs we started crying after eating them. Indians really love spicy food don’t they? Indian spice is really famous in the world but believe me I cannot imagine how do people eat so much of spice everyday! We had some Dosas which is a south Indian dish and also some corns on the beach side.

The afternoon was pretty good till now with all the spicy foods and busy streets so it was time to enjoy the evening of Mumbai.

We took a taxi and went to the colaba market. Colaba market is really amazing as you can see many tourists here wandering. There are awesome stuffs here to buy like you can buy some decorative articles or clothes or some historic idols and the list goes on. I haven’t seen such a beautiful mark ever . Mumbai by far has been really colorful. The people here are so polite and all the shopkeepers welcomed us in so much of gratitude. We bought some traditional Indian sarees. I saw some girls wearing them and instantly i decided to buy it. One sad thing about the shopkeepers is that the immediately increase the cost of their products to make some profits when they see some foreigners but that happens everywhere in the world I guess.

Being a girl it is important that you show love towards jewellery and why not ? After all jewellery is so beautiful and this market had some awesome designs of it. I cannot write how many beautiful jewellery I fell in love with but i could buy only few to save money . The sun has set and it was time to chill and relax in a beautiful bar and restaurant. Our guide went back and now we were alone to go to a nearby hotel. As promised to each other me and my friend decided to try only Indian food .

Chicken masala or butter chicken with Roti is the favourite dish of many so we immediately ordered that and started craving for it .

Our order came with a couple of beers and our evening was fulfilled with this best dish ever of my life. The soft Roti with spicy butter chicken is such a good combination . I can now imagine why people are so foody in India. It was indeed the most delicious dinner of my life!

After dinner we went to see the beautiful CST station ,Taj hotel and Gateway of India. Not everything was covered in one day but we didn’t have enough time in Mumbai as after one day we were supposed to visit Jaipur. Taj hotel ,Gateway of India and CST station had their own beauty. The life of people of Mumbai is totally dependent on the local trains and it was so shocking. We saw so many people crowded in a train which didn’t even have doors. Some were standing at the entrance on one feet that a single push can put them out of the train. This was one of the experience which I couldn’t try but it might have its own fun.

Apart from these crowded trains we were amazed to see the beautiful Taj hotel and gateway of India. These two are the most loved places by the tourists in Mumbai and we both were pleased to see its beauty.

My first day in Mumbai went really like a fast car . The conclusion of my story would be Mumbai has defined itself for me why it is the dream city of this country. Tomorrow we will head towards  Jaipur and hope Jaipur has something amazing for us.